Feb 18, 2010

Seat No.22. The end of a journey (Contd..)

I made myself seated in a way so that the girl is not disturbed. She looked at me for the first time very closely and said "no problem for me you please sit comfortably", Her voice was so sweet. Her face even in the dim light was so clear and bright. You can see her face for hours, for sure you wont get bored. But still I didn't want to talk with her because I was still angry. And she is also already in fumes being made to sit with a guy, so I just kept quite. I took my I Touch and started to hear songs. I closed my eyes and slept very soon.

After some time I was disturbed by some thing. I suddenly opened my eyes and was shocked, the girl was not able to breath properly, she was suffocating. I dint know what to do, I looked at the time it was around 1. All were sleeping and I dint know whom to call, I was in a hurry to do something but I was helpless. That girl suddenly waved her hands and i went near her. "Medicine fell down"!! she told me and started to breath heavily this time. I was afraid seeing her like this, but i made my self calm and started to search for her medicine. I moved her from the side where she was sitting and placed her comfortably in my seat. I went down her seat and searched her medicine with my cell phone light. I was down in my knees searching for that medicine, at last I was succeeded it was a inhaler I took it and gave that to her. In a couple of minutes she was normal and after seeing that only i became normal. This is the first time im experiencing such a thing so I was shocked and was not able to come of it for some time. I was still down with my hands on my head. Excuse me, Are you fine?? The voice came from that girl, she was looking fine now. She gave me her hand and pulled me up with a big smile in her face. I smiled back and sat in her seat. Are you fine? I asked her this time. I am really fine now. I usually have this breathing trouble but today it became worse because I put my inhaler down and so the problem started, I am so sorry for disturbing you. Hey no problem, I was a bit tensed seeing you like that!! Thank god your fine now, I replied to her softly not to disturb those who were sleeping. You were so sweet to me, anyways this is Priya Im doing my 2nd year BBM in Mount Caramel,Banglore. I am Karthik, I am doing my final year B.com In PSG College of arts and science. We both introduced ourselves for the first time and gave a hand shake.

So your from Coimbatore, she asked me. Yes, I am from Coimbatore and what about you Priya?. I am also from Coimbatore but I study in Bangalore. Came to see my mom. Her voice as I said before was so sweet and It was a pleasure for me to hear her voice. It was again Priya, she started to talk again, So tel me Karthik, how was your Bangalore trip, Is this the first time for you or have you been here before. She asked me lot of questions and I was patiently answering all here questions. She must be a chatter box, I thought in my mind. I wanted to ask her why did she make a big fuss for sitting next to me, but was in a hesitation and had a dilemma weather to ask her or not. Are you fine? You have some thing to ask me i guess, she asked me softly. oh!! you could have studied Psychology Priya, You are great in that I replied her. Oh so you have some thing to ask me then, so ask me?. You talk so well with a guy and why you don't want to sit with a guy?. You study in Bangalore and why are you so conservative about these very small things and all??. Your question itself has my answer Mr.Karthik, I am very conservative. Just because I am in Bangalore you cant judge me so easily. I am not that Bangalore type of girl as you think. I may dress modern and talk a lot, but I will think a lot before talking to a guy, especially. To tel you one thing Mt.Caramel is a girls college. I cant just like that sit with some one in a night travel. Will you make your sister to sit like this?? She turned the question to me this time. I was not able to answer her, The way she asked me again made me impulsive. OK fine!! I am sorry for asking like that, I replied to Priya and pushed my seat back to sleep.

Cut down your sorry Karthik. Listen I just said you since you asked, I am very candid to those I like and she hit me slightly. I was stupefied hearing what she said. Priya don't say things just to make me fine, I replied her. Hey really Karthik. I like you. I was noticing you when I had my breathing problem you were so worried about me and you wanted to some how help me but you dint know what to do, and I was so impressed by the things you did to help me. So I like you. Listen up Priya, Its very common to help some one when they are not well I would have done this to anyone. Hey, She interrupted me. Yes Mr.Sweetheart you would help anyone and even i would help any one. But there is a difference in my case. I irritated you so much and made you stand next to your seat itself, I could guess how you mind set would be at that time and when you came to sit next to me also you maintained so much distance between you and me. These things made me like you. You get it now?. I was totally amazed hearing all these things, girls mind set is totally different from that of the boys. They think a lot more advanced than the guys and they even talk with us only when they are done with their analysis about a guy, I thought to my self.

I pulled my seat front to make myself comfortable to talk with her. Ok priya, I do agree, I was angry by the way you behaved, but I am not that cruel to laugh when you are in trouble. I am not a sadist. Ok Karthik, just chill. Hope at least now your fine with me. Yes yes, I am very much fine with you now, I replied her. Its almost 3 o clock now, you don't want to sleep? I asked Priya. No, I cant sleep now. I am not feeling sleepy too, and do you me mind talking wit me karthik, she asked me. I am not so dumb to say no, to that beautiful girl when she asked me to talk.

We started to talk and we talked and talked and talked. We talked about everything, religion, politics, love, friendship and everything. She likes to hear songs and so we both was listening to songs for a while. After some time while she was hearing songs she slept on my shoulders and I too closed my eyes for some sleep. Not even 30 minutes I woke up suddenly. Even the sun was about to wake up in a while and the clouds were not dark. It was 6.30 and we came to Coimbatore. I woke up Priya and took my bag from the top and kept it down. She slowly opened her eyes, I asked her to get up. She got up and took her bag and took a comb from that and started to comb here hair. Girls are always like this, they care so much about their appearance even at 6.30. No one can change them, I thought this in my mind. After that the bus stopped and she had a call from her mom and I also had a call from my dad. We were still in our seats while the rest of the passengers were getting down. I finished my call and was waiting for her to finish her call. I stood up with my bag near Seat No.22, she finished her call and stood up with the bag. We were looking each others face and smiled together. I dint know what she thought she came close and gave me tight hug saying "WILL MISS YOU KARTHIK"!! I was really shocked by that, I dint expect this sudden hug from the so called conservative type of girl. Without giving time for me to talk she went out off the bus, when i went to call her my cell phone rang, I took it to cut the call but it was my dad, I was scared this time, if he was standing outside the bus and calling me I am going to get caught for this hug. I slowly pressed the answer button, Where are you Karthik?? my dad asked. I am in the bus dad, just now the bus reached. Where are you? Are you coming to pick me up. I asked him quickly. No, you better come by yourself. My heart beat started to beat normal only after hearing that. I cut my dad's call and went out for Priya.

When I came out I was totally shocked, No one was there and Priya was also not there. I searched for her every where near the bus and the bus stand but I was not able to find her anywhere.

I was deeply disappointed by Priya. She could have at least bid a bye to me. I don't even have her number even. She talked with me so well but she left me suddenly. I could still feel her hug which she gave me. Where am I going to find her? - These was the things which were running in my mind at that time.

I didnt fall in love with her. But my heart is beating a bit fast when I think about her. Its just fate which made her sit near me and now its just fate which made me miss her. If my dad wouldn't have called I could have talked with her. FATE played things beautifully. I was a upset,angry,sad. I had a mixture of emotions. For sure this is not love, but I dint want this relationship to end so soon. With all these heavy thoughts the journey ends!!!

FATE has played its game, but .. but.. The game is not over!!

Feb 13, 2010

Seat No.22 - A small story about a long journey..

It was 10.30 already and its going to be late now, I thought in my mind and rushed from the room. Hey auto, I shouted so hard which made 2 autos stop at the same time. I got into the auto and directed him to go to KPN travels. My heart was beating a bit fast now, because I have only half an hour more to get into the bus and return to coimbatore. I closed my eyes and was praying that the bus must not have left. After a while, the auto went near the bus which made me so happy, I paid him more than what he asked and rushed into the bus.

Seat No.22. I went to my seat throwing my bag at the top and turned the A.C towards me. I took my cell phone and called mom, Ma I am in the bus now. Will call you after I reach coimbatore,Bye. Saying all these I ended the call. Its not that i don't like my mom, I don't have balance to talk with her more than a minute!!! I took my I Touch and Started to close my eyes. But I was not able to sleep because of the passengers who were walking up and down the bus. I closed my eyes and was trying to sleep but suddenly I was shook by some one. It was the conductor, he asked me my ticket which I gave him. Sir, do you mind changing your place, he asked me politely. For what reason sir? I responded to him. Seat No.21 is a lady sir, so can you adjust with some male passengers in some other place, he asked me patiently. What is the problem if I sit with a lady, Am I going to rape her or something, I thought in my mind. I don't want to make this a big issue so I told him OK!! and asked him where to sit. He asked me to wait till the next stop so that the I can be seated with some male passengers in the next stop. The lights were put off and the bus started and I was standing near my seat. How great am I to stand and come paying 500 for the ticket, I thought to myself. When I was thinking this, one female came near me. She was dressed in jeans and had a scarf tied around her neck and covering some parts of her face. She kept her bag in seat no.22 and placed herself very comfortable in Seat no.21. I was very irritated and I showed my irritation in my face even, anyways she is not going to see my face because there were no lights. Why cant this lady sit near me, Women ask equal rights in everything and they cant even sit near a man in a bus and what the hell are they going to do with those rights ,I just thought this in my mind even though I respect women.

The next stop came and by the time this lady covered her face with some cloth and started to sleep. The remaining passengers got into the bus. I was struggling standing in the center of the bus and was a disturbance to those passengers. In 5 minutes the seats were full with passengers except my seat which had a bag. I called the conductor to arrange a seat for me. He went to the other passengers but no one was willing to change their seat because they were mostly couples and those ladies for sure wont prefer a change of seat. I looked differently at the conductor this time, seeing my reaction he called the lady and the lady got up i was totally shocked this time. It was not a lady but a beautiful girl. The conductor told her that he cant change my seat and asked her to adjust with me. She started to shout at him and asked him to change her seat atleast. The conductor got angry and said "If you want sit here or else you can get down from the bus" and left from that place. Her face went small and tears were standing in her eyes. I felt bad seeing that girl so i went near her and said very softly to her that I wont be a disturbance to her. She moved her bag from that placed. I don't think she was convinced by my way of speaking, its that she had no other go rather than sitting next to me, I said to my self.

I made myself seated in a way so that the girl is not disturbed. She looked at me for the first time very closely and ....

Will be continued soon.....

Feb 9, 2010

My last Personal Post!!!

My first two posts are related to my personal life. I hope it was different and i believe that you like it. When I was thinking what to write the next, my close friend Vishnu called me to congratulate regarding the blog and to share his best wishes. After saying his comments he asked me to stop writing about personal stuffs and to start some thing new. So taking his advise, Let me stop writing about personal stuffs!!! (Maybe I will continue it at a later stage). But this will be my last personal post.

I guess no one in this world is perfect in all the things. and if you tell there are many who are perfect, then let me tell you "I am not perfect in all the things"!!! Yes, even I am a ordinary common human and i have done some mistakes in my life. I have felt bad for those mistakes and I have even made an effort to rectify those mistakes. But i have one such incident which is deep inside my heart which is still pricking me like anything.

The incident goes some years back when i was in my 10th Standard.

I was childish, funny and I used to take everything very lightly. There was a miscommunication between me and a friend of mine. Let the name of the person be " X ". One day X called me after me joining 11th in my same school. I was angry on X just because of the reason X dint call me for a very long time after changing his/her house to a different area. I told something sarcastically which X dint not understand and misinterpreted differently. That was the last call I got from X and that was the end of our relationship.

After that I heard X was not willing to talk anything to me anymore.

Even though the mistake is on both sides I take it fully as my mistake. I wanted to tel X a big sorry, for hurting you so much in all these years.

X, you have to clearly understand that even I was angry with you for some very true reasons. Even I have some questions to you which you can not answer !! . I don't know whose side is the mistake, but till now I think I am wholly responsible for what happened.

I dint write this to make you understand about me. I just wanted to share with everyone that I have also done some mistake and I FEEL SORRY FOR IT.

This is not just to share some thing with you all. Even you ask your mind, If you have anything which makes you feel bad, take a bunch of sorry's and give it to the X in your life!!!!

Feb 6, 2010

What if your close friend does a mistake??

You can have 1000 friends but the fact is that they should be true to your affection. I have one such friend (name not disclosed) who studied with me(place of study not mentioned). He acts very smart, not in his looks alone. He is close to me and I am true to him as a friend. But the way he reacts to things makes me irritated too much!!! The problem with him is that he thinks he is great in everything, thats because his school friends have made him like that i suppose. They must have been supported him in all silly things he did. All these things have made this guy worse now.

He reacts for even silly things that really makes me wild. Even for a joke if some one makes fun of him, then tats all he will create a big scene, but he will do that to others. No one in the class likes to talk to him just because the fact he reacts too much for even ordinary things. He cares a damn about them, oh fine i accept that he is not depended upoon them for anything, but still if no one has a pinch of love for you then why the hell you are in this world as a person!!!

I accept the cruel fact that i am his close friend. I myself some times feel bad being his friend. But i am usually adjustable with every one, so it is possible for me to be with him. Even my close gang of friends dont wanna talk with him about his kind of behavior. So what will happen when a guy of this kind does a mistake.??

When he does a mistake he wont accept it totally. He will change the problem totally in some other way, it is not some thing he should be proud of himself. He is not adhustable totally in any cases. I used to think " how will this guy going to face the world which will be toatlly different???" I cant do anything rather than to pity about him. It is not that I dint do anything to make him realise things. I have tried all ways to do some thing with him, but everthing was in vain. Once i hit him for the way he behaved. But he dint change!! He is still the same even now.

This post is not writtin to tell things bad about a single individual, but i just want you to think how many friends are truly there for you.

(I dont want to hurt anyone with this post. If it hurts anyone Im sorry!!!)

What my mind thinks the first??!!

I wanted to share about me first.. I mean let me tel what my mind says about me. I am a very ordinary guy who has very strong feeling towards friendship and love. Love is the Beautiful feeling you can find in this entire world, it is not that friendship is below love, both are the same. I love every one out there in the world. I only have two type of friends, close friends and very close friends. I share everything with my friends cos i don't want to hide anything from them about me, when it comes to my close friends I share my problems, sorrows, feelings and my tears some times. I wont deny the fact that i love to be loved by them, i don't want to hate anyone but there are exceptions!!!. People think i am sweet,yes i am but not with everyone. I have some people who i hate like anything in this world. They were my so called close friends even some time back.

You cant expect your friends be the same as you are, i wont expect them to be like me.But i Will expect their love for me, that's the only thing i expect from my friends. Being a very cool person,i am also emotional at times, i am very expressive but when i am sad i will not express any thing to anyone. For me, i love to share my happiness but when i am sad i wanted to keep to my self. But when the bottle is full you have to pour the water some where ryt,so i share it with some one whom i like or some one who i believe.

I am happy to tell that there are many people in this world for me. They be with me in my bad times and support like anything. My presence makes them happy, my talks makes them happy, my fights makes them happy!! so on the whole, I make many people happy. I think that's the best quality which i posses. I love to make my atmosphere very happy and lively, I do it where ever i be.!! To be honest again there are many who don't like me, i cant say i don't care for what others think, but the fact is that i cant help it out. I may some time think "why the hell i have to prove others about me"?!! That's cos i don't show any attitude to anyone.. I hate being like that but i love people for the attitude they show!!! (only some).

There are times where i got into trouble because of me itself. Yes!! As I said I am open, but not everyone likes that. I say things openly, some can accept it but many are not accepting that. They say I talk too much but i don't care for what they say but some times it hurts. "It is very difficult to live a life for Ur self in this world. " But still i try to be the same, i can't lose my originality ryt!!! I am the same and I will be the same in the years to come.

This post is delegated for all those true hearts who love me like anything, who likes me and who hates me!! Love you all for what you are!!!