Jun 28, 2010


Hello everyone. Sorry for the long gap. I was busy with my personal works. TIME plays a very important role in my life. But I am not able to spend time for my favorite things. So after a long time i found my TIME to write this blog.

As the name says, my new Post is about HUGS. Before writing about this I made a survey which involved my Facebook friends where I asked them what they feel about hugs and weather hugging opposite sex is right or wrong.

As I expected, there were many who made fun of this topic. They were asking "What is wrong in giving a hug you Dumbo"? I patiently listened to them and here comes my answer in this Post. Coming back to the survey many said Hugging is a good way of expressing our love and many very genuinely said I do mind if my girl friend Hugs someone. I first want to Thank each and every friend who made their comments. HUGS to you all!!

When I wanted to write about this topic an NIR friend of mine was kidding me saying "what is there in Hugging a Opposite sex? Are you mad" ?? So all my North Indian Friends and International Friends read this to know what Hugs means in India, to be precise in Tamil Nadu!!!

HUGS is a way of expressing an affection. It is a wonderful way of expressing your love and care on them. Hugs are very common in the Metro's where a guy and girl hugs in front of crowd or a large gathering. But in South India except the major metros such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and some parts of Chennai the rest do not agree hugs. They don't accept the concept of Hugs. Even in Chennai if a guy and a girl hugs every ones attraction will be deviated towards them. We don't accept HUGS so easily here. What is the Problem out here??

The main fact is that the people out here were brought up in a situation where they were not allowed freely to talk with their sisters or even daughters after a certain age. The people were so Conservative about these things and kept checks on these things. They give respect and maintain distance while taking with the females physically which is continued till now. Due to the modernization there were changes in many Parts of India but the change was very small in number. Down here the changes were very low where still in many Parts they still maintain many regulations. Even though we say that we are modern and not the conservative type, it is said that 95% of our guys do not accept their girl friends or wives hugging some one else, even though they say they like being Social.

A Physiological fact says that guys like their mother a lot and Girls like their Fathers more than their Mothers. It is true through out the world. But in India after a certain age they don't be close with their children as they were before. The problem is with the society who don't accept these things. I have an shocking Incident which happened in my Cousin sisters marriage. After her marriage I went and gave a hug to my sister which her in-laws didn't like and advised her not be free like this here after. I was really shocked hearing their statement. What the hell is wrong when a brother hugs his sister ?? This is one known incident which happened in my life, but there are many incidents like this which we are not aware of.

People think that Hug is just a physical thing, they don't understand the value of the term. Times have changed and there are many changes in the Society in very aspect. The conservative type of parents please understand that HUGGING is not a wrong thing, its just giving your care to someone. Give that to your children, your mom, your friends and see what happiness you derive from it and tell them you are there for them always in their life. Accept when your son/daughter gives you a Hug and when he/she gets a Hug.

Everything is about the minds of the people which has to change.Even though you don't accept Hugs please don't give weird looks when you see some one sharing a hug. Some things are hard to accept, but I want the people to change their way they see towards the Concept of Hugs.

For the ones who uses HUGS in other way, You guys please don't spoil the wonderful word Hug!!! This One is only dedicated to the ones who "wants to Hug" but not able to Hug their best friends.