Mar 24, 2010


“Karthik, hey idiot why are you running up and down the mall”?, Ashok called me from back. You are really acting crazy from the time we reached Bangalore. What the hell are you thinking in your mind? Nothing Ashok, was searching for a friend of mine, I replied him silently. You are bloody gone nuts, he shouted.

Here, as usual you order some thing for me too. He gave me the money and went to find a place for him. The one thing I like in this kind of places are the people, they follow queue system so perfectly. They wait for the other person to order and then only they enter near the counter. Since it was a week day there were no big crowd, I was the fifth in the line. I dint think what to order for Ashok, but Priya was running in my mind. I was angry on myself for missing her. The queue moved and it was my turn finally.

Good evening sir, May I know your order please? The waiter asked me so politely. Give me one Mc Chicken Burger and a Coke, I replied him and paid what he asked. I waited exactly for a minute to get my order. I took my plate and went searching for that friend of mine. He was sitting at the last making me to walk more. I gave him his burger and took my coke. Within some minutes I finished my coke. I was so thirsty and wanted even one more drink, but this time I ordered for a free drink, “WATER”.

Mean while Ashok finished his burger and we both came out of McDonalds. We still had 4 more hours left for our bus so we had to be there in the mall for some more time. I was in no mood to walk so I told Ashok that I will be in Landmark reading some books. So I reached Landmark again and went into the book section and planned to read a new book from the fiction section. I took a book and started to read it. The book was about a female who became a serial killer. The book was same like the Sidney Sheldon’s “If tomorrow comes”. So I lost interest in that book and started to walk into the Art section.

When I was about to take a book I heard someone calling my name, I knew it was Ashok and I dint turn purposely. After that I dint hear my name so I left and was busy searching for some books and at that time I had a heavy blow in my head. I became so angry and turned back to use the F word. But I got a hug when I turned back all of a sudden. It was from the beautiful girl, Priya. The hug was so tight and I felt that she too missed me with that hug itself. She didn’t talk anything but was hugging me for some long seconds and I was taken aback by this very long hug of hers. Hey Priya, what happened? I started with this. She hugged me exactly for 40 seconds and this was the longest hug I ever had in my life. As soon as she finished hugging I thought she would start something but as an impulsive reaction again from her she kissed my cheeks this time. I was totally shocked with this from her, but to my surprise she didn’t keep her lips long in my cheeks. I totally didn’t know what to say, my face was like I had a high voltage of shock. I didn’t want to take any more chances, this time I moved away from my place and asked her, nothing! Yes. It was like as if my lips were closed tightly by someone. But without giving me any trouble she started to talk with me.

How are you Mr.??? She started. Oh, so soon madam forgot my name even, I started with an angry tone even though I got a hug and a kiss from her. Hey, just shut up okay! How can I forget you? Why should you remember me? I asked her. I know this is a very silly question but I have to make her understand that I am still angry on her. Ok Karthik, I am sorry for not giving you my number. Mom came that day so only went there without even telling you a bye. Thank god she didn’t see me hugging you, she said and I could feel the happiness in her face and in her words too. I was thinking why she said that she was sorry for not giving her number. (I dint even have that idea to ask her number that day). You know what Karthik I missed you so much, I never missed anyone like I missed you man, she said in a childish way.
She didn’t give me time to talk; she was talking about a lot of things which happened in her class and many incidents which happened in her house. I didn’t do anything other than listening to her patiently. (Girls like listeners of their talks even though it has nothing inside it.) After a long time I had a call from Ashok, I told him to wait in the store and that I will be back in some time. I told her that I am going to leave Bangalore tonight and her face went so small, I expected this reaction from her actually. I didn’t want to leave her, but Ashok had to go early to the bus stand because his Chennai Bus is earlier than mine. So with a sad face I told her I have to leave now. Priya’s face went dull. We both exchanged our numbers this time. Whenever I reach Coimbatore lets meet there and do keep in touch Karthik. Priya said in a sad voice. Before leaving we hugged each other. Bye Priya, miss you!

I rushed to Landmark, Ashok was waiting there all alone I asked my sorry and we both rushed to the Bus stand. We reached at time and his bus had just arrived. He rushed into the A.C Volvo and made himself comfortable and came back again. We both had juice and came back to our respective buses.

No one was inside the bus. I saw my ticket and my Seat No was 32. I went and kept my bag and sat in the seat thinking about Priya. She was still in my thoughts very fresh. I thanked this bus which gave me a friend like her. After some time I heard a voice and opened my eyes, a beautiful young lady was standing near me. Seat No.31 is mine, that girl said.


THE END.....

Mar 18, 2010


( Those who are new to my blog please finish Seat No.22 first to understand this story)

I was happy and I had a different feeling in my tummy, not because I dint eat anything from the morning but the fact I have reached Bangalore. I came for a two day Crash Course here. I was not very much interested to it even though it means a lot to me. The only thing which was interested at that moment was Priya. Even though I was angry with her like anything I still wanted to meet her, to be exact I was yearning to meet her. I wanted to ask her many things; I have a lot of questions for her, When I was thinking all these in my mind I heard Ashok’s voice at the back. He was on a call, actually on a very long call. I was thinking who was this guy talking in Roaming, “Was talking with Sharmila mam, she asked us to come at 10 o clock tomorrow morning and the class goes till 5 in the evening” he answered all the queries which were running in my mind. It was a big disappointment for me. I was totally shocked hearing that from him, “I thought I would go and meet Priya in her college but they ruined my plan”, I was cursing them in my mind.

We were walking towards the platforms and even then, I was searching for Priya thinking that she must be somewhere out there. I know these things are very cinematic, but I had that small hope that I would meet here anywhere in the station. As guessed before I didn’t see her anywhere in the station but my eyes scanned lot of good chicks!!! (sorry) girls out there in the railway station. I would have scanned nearly a hundred good looking females but still my mind was searching only her. (To tell you guys something Bangalore has many good looking girls, you can find minimum two good looking girls for every second. In the ratio is 2:1)

I crossed the road with my friend and he called for an auto for the Hotel, we were going to stay. But I sent it back so that I can walk and find out for Priya anywhere out there in the city. This is the craziest thing I have ever done in my life. I was crazy about that girl even though I say I am angry on her. But I pity my friend whom I made to walk with me for some kilometers, after all he is my true friend and he always has the right to take a share in my problems so I dint worry much about him. There were many girls walking out with their friends but Priya was not there. I was disappointed again and again but still my mind was searching only for her. I like the feeling of getting disappointed by her. It was totally a different feeling. “I have gone nuts”, I thought in my mind.

We reached our room and had a big nap. I was tired like anything and so slept for a long time. We got up again and went to a nearby hotel to have our dinner. Food in Bangalore is very sweet, they add sweet to everything. Especially sambhar’s are sweeter when compared to that of Tamil Nadu. Anyways I enjoyed the taste of it and had a good dinner. I reached back to the Hotel and watched IPL match and slept after some time, thinking not to be late for the morning class.

As expected we got up late, but the difference is that we are not ladies who take so much time to dress themselves. We got ready as soon as possible and rushed towards the auto stand. Another problem in Bangalore is that they give good respect for Tamilians. When they come to know that you are a Tamil then the rates for your journey will be very high. We should bargain with them and then only you must get into their autos . By arguing with the auto driver It took some more minutes for me to reach the center. And at last we reached the center by 10.20. The class started once we went and it was a very useful session for both of us. We had a lunch break of 20 minutes and after that class started as usual. This schedule was the same the second day even. I had a good time inside the class. Our second day class finished by 3 o clock itself. The pressure was high in the two days but I enjoyed learning with them. I have to admit the fact that I forgot Priya in these two days because of the high pressure classes.

We went back to our room and took rest for some time and vacated the room since the time has elapsed. We have bus scheduled at 11 in the night. I was thinking about where to go and my friend Ashok gave an idea about going to “FORUM” a very famous shopping mall in the city, I was not interested to go there because I was dead tired by the classes and traveling, but we had no other go because we have to while away the time till 10 o clock at lest. So we took a bus from our hotel. I was so tired that I slept in the bus itself. After some time I was awaken by my friend and we both got done from the bus and reached FORUM.

FORUM is the best place in Bangalore where you can find all the best girls in the city. I have already been there many times and I like the LANDMARK shop in the second floor. I stood up in the elevators which made me reach the second floor. I went inside the shop giving my bag to the securities inside the shop. LANDMARK is the biggest shop in FORUM and has a wide range of books and other items. I love LANDMARK for the collection of books which they have with them. I entered the book section and took a book from the new arrival and sat down in a small stool, which will be present in the shop for you to sit and read comfortably. I started to read the book and after some minutes the current got down. Usually the power comes in one or two minutes but power was down for 5 minutes this time, which is a rare incident in FORUM. I went from my place to see what has happened, I was walking near the counter when the power came. By the time my phone started to shout its ring tone and quickly I put my mobile is silent and when I was about to keep the call in my ears I saw Priya going out of LANDMARK. I was really shocked at the first sight, I quickly cut the call and went running for her towards the exit.

I ran fast to catch her but some one stooped me suddenly. It was the security, he demanded an explanation of the book which was in my hand when I came out of the Store. I was so angry on that guy, he will make me miss Priya again I thought in my mind. I told quickly that I came searching for my friend and gave the book to him and went down for Priya. I ran inside the corners of the mall to find her out. I went down with the help of the elevators. I searched for her down and again climbed the elevators my-self this time to be faster. But I was not able to see her anywhere. I was so upset, my face changed like anything. Disappointment became my very close friend but I hated that friend to be with me. I became thirsty running for that stupid female. I wanted to have something so I went towards Mc Donalds. There was a long queue and I was standing at the last when I heard some one calling my name I turned back…..

To be continued…

the one who called "Karthik" cant be Priya.. I didn’t stop here for a twist, just because of the reason my hand is paining typing for such a long time…..