May 24, 2010


As the name indicates I am here to talk about a Political issue. Usually everyone thinks that youths are not interested in politics but in today's world many number of Graduates are interested in Politics and they show lots of concern towards it, except from joining in it. I am one among the many who shows their concern towards Politics. But the above mentioned topic has nothing in connection with this post except for the last word COIMBATORE. This sudden thought got into me seeing the things happening in and around Coimbatore and in a selfish reason to discuss some different thing apart from love and friendship in my Blog!!

World Classical Tamil Conference is going to be held in Coimbatore in 2010. When this was confirmed I was so happy and proud because this major event is going to be held in my place.

To say a few words about Coimbatore, its a very beautiful place which has the second sweetest water in this world from the SIRUVANI river. The climate is very mild and soft throughout the year. Coimbatore attracts most of the people because of its climate. Even though my place is well know it is not fully developed. It is the fact that Coimbatore has not been cared by the present political party or the Previous parties. Coimbatore has been developed so much only by its people. The most famous N.M.Mahalingam,G.D Naidu, PSG Gropus, Laxmi Mills and other Business people developed this place of them which no one can deny. With out any Political support Coimbatore was developed well compared to other big cities in Tamil Nadu which made the political parties eye on Coimbatore.

From the day of the announcement of the World Classical Tamil Conference we fond great amount of development in the town. The major roads of the town such as Avinashi Road, Thrichy Road and Mettuplayam Road has been elaborated and constructed in the same time disturbing the people of these places. Six way lanes was introduced in Avinashi Road and was constructed fully and after that they came into a Idea of fixing the electricity lines underground and for this the roads were again demolished and the work is still taking place.

Dozens of new buses were thrown into the city by the government. They decided to make Coimbatore City beautiful introducing many new artificial parks near the signals and making a new pavements for walkers in the corner of the roads. Now Trichy Road work is on the go. A 6 months work will be done in just a months time because of the Conference.

I am happy that my place is developing. But ashamed for the reason behind all this. It is a not a Government who is developing this, it is a political party who is behind all these things. I cant be selfish and shut up my mouth just because of the reason, they are developing my place. If they can make tremendous change within a short period to my place why cant they bring betterment to other places in Tamil Nadu. If only a political party can do these things why cant the Government bring these changes in all parts of India. No one can say it is Impossible, because more or less they have achieved these in a very short time here. If this is possible then it can be possible in any place. Time or money is not a constraint here. I wish they conduct this type of Conference in all places ever year so that those places can also be developed.

You may think why I mentioned this a Political Issue at the start of my Post. This may not be a big issue but there are many Political factors at the back end of this Conference. I want to write in a diplomatic way so I avoided those things in this Forum!!

May 16, 2010

Friendship, In a different way!!

Hello everyone. Sorry to take a long break, was busy with my semester and other stuffs. I am happy to share with you all that my blog has been rated 31st rank throught India in Indiblogger forum. Thanks to you all for giving me the confidence to write more and more!!

This time I choose a very simple topic but going to discuss some different things in that.

"FRIENDSHIP" - The most beautiful relationship in a persons life. Everyone in this world have friends for them. It starts from kinder garden to junior grade, High School to College and in our Work place. Now due to the modernization of the world we find friends even through Internet in Social Networking sites. Whether we know the value of Friendship or not some people like Büyükkökten and Aaron Greenspan knew it and now they make hell a lot of money with it. For those of you who are not aware of them they are the Founders of Orkut and Face book. The very famous Social Networking Sites.

Before you start reading what follows I want you to think a friend of yours in your mind.

Our studies started in the Kinder Gardens, we started to learn the outside world from that point and we started to spend most of our Times outside our homes from that age. We started to miss our parents for the first time and came away from them at least for some hours and mingled with a same age group of persons and there comes the bonding of the word Friendship. It is not just a word actually.

So after parents, Friends takes a very important role in a persons life. At every point of time there may be a person, a friend who might have helped in our tough situation. Life without friends is really very worse. But life with friends can also be worse. I don't know or rather I don't believe whether you are going to agree with my point or not but I wanted to tell you the other side of things. Controversy starts from here!!

First talking about the lighter side, What does Friendship gives us - Happiness, Affection, love and many more things. Friendship gives this all to us. It is the first relationship which we get into in our life. When we are in a group we forget all our sorrows and we tend to forget our darker side. We share things which we cant share with our parents and in some cases Friends become more important than our parents. Friendship total is Happiness. We have lots of friends we give them a call and talk with them all night, text them 24x7 wish them for their birthdays, give them a surprise party , outings, hugs, kisses and what more, many more....

So we enjoy these stuffs with our friends. But i have always wondered one thing in people including me. We all know FRIENDSHIP is such a lovely relationship but even in that we have many separations. Everyone cant be our Friends. Friendship itself comes only by selection, we select the one who can adjust with us and we call them Friends and if someone is not adjustable we say that have attitude so its tough to be with them. But even in our Friends we do differentiate them by close friend, best friend, true friend and whatever. Why does this differentiation come and when the hell did it come into us?? Have you ever thought about this?? I think it as a shame.

Of course, we cant blame any individual here because we have grown up like that. Fine let it be you have close friends, best friends, true friends. Are you the same with everyone?. No, we are not. We show many many difference in friends itself. We share some things with one set of friends and one set of this to others. So i suppose none of us are true to the word FRIENDSHIP including me. I don't care of what others thing by this attitude of mine but this is a reality and I think this has to change. I have a strong feeling that there cant be exceptions in this case. I know the fact that we are just humans our attitude cant change so heavenly suddenly.

Going closer into the fact of Friends and Friendship. I mentioned already before that Friendship has so many values to our lives. But I say Friendship changes according to ages and environment. In kinder Garden you will have a friend and that friend wont be there in your school. In Schools we have two levels, in Junior Grade some one will be your friend and in Middle Grade Friends changes. In high school you will have a friend and it goes good until you finish your college considering school and college are in same location but that Friendship also changes with change of Place of Work. I Strongly admit that there are many exceptions. But you also strongly agree that Friendship changed with ages and environment. If you are still the same in your friendship I BLOW MY HEAD DOWN FOR YOU!! but if not....

I guess that Childhood friendship is the best throught what we would have in our lives, because that friendship doesn't have any ego, we don't have any hatred, we love our friends like anything, we don't have any possessiveness feeling towards anyone. But as ages goes through we get these all. In a adolescence period the first problem which strike in friendship is Possessiveness, but this rapid feeling obviously comes between the opposite sex friends. The most famous problem that we all might have come across. We love our friends too much and that we expect them to be with us every time and if not there comes fights, misunderstanding and even separations. We have many times come across situations where two friends got separated due to possessiveness problem between them, you cant disagree this.

Another most important problem is expectations. We tend to make others believe that we don't expect anything from our friends. But that is totally wrong, everyone expects some things or other from friends. From a birthday wish to regular call if they don't full fill our expectations the problem starts inside Friendship. I came to understand from many life examples that friendship is not just loving some one but mostly its the expectations and fulfilling that expectations. If we don't fulfill that expectations there comes separations.

As i mentioned before friendship is just selection among different people out of those who adjust with you. This may not be a very important factor but it is a criteria of selecting a friend. We usually think that Friendship comes by understanding but it also has to satisfy factors like expectations and adjustment to make your friendship a valid one. A Friendship can sustain only by adjusting with that friend. I know its hard to believe but your conscience know whether what I say is right or wrong.

But FRIENDSHIP is not expecting things or fulfilling the expectations or even adjustablity of that person. Considering these factors only we have made separations in our mind as close friends, best friends and true friends. Friendship has to come from heart as a felling towards their friend. Your brain should never decide who your friend is. Tats really bad that majority of us give chance to the brain to decide our friends.

My Intention is not to talk bad about friends or friendship but to tell you the darker sides in a friendship that we even never thought of.

So for those of you who think what friendship is, this tells you what friendship in Reality is.

In the start I told you to think about a friend of yours. In the end how many friends came across your mind reading this post. That is FRIENDSHIP!! ( and that is my success too )


1. I mentioned very important points because this is a very sensitive topic and you can easily get angry on me. I am happy if you get angry by reading this hoping there are many true friends in this world!!

2. My intention is just make you understand the other side of FRIENDSHIP, I don't tel that this side is bad but this side can be avoided.

3. As a well known thing, even I accept that differentiations in friendship is unavoidable and only some can become close to you.

4. In spite of all these problems(which are not even fully recognized even now) FRIENDSHIP is the best relationship. I agree!!

5. I am not bigger person than you, I cant make any big difference in friendship, but I wanted a small change. So this post was born!!