Nov 28, 2012

Unnamed until the end.

A bright sunny day it was. Was walking through suited people and morning shift workers. I stood right outside Stratford Tube Station and took a break to finish my final drags. Waited for others to walk before me, took the morning copy of Metro and walked into the gates of the station touching in my oyster card. Never knew that today was something of the day, which I will never forget.  Waited in the platform for a long 2 minutes for the next Underground train and stepped into it, after leaving way for people inside to get down. The tube was already busy because of the peek timings and  can see everyone covered they face with newspapers or a star bucks/Costa coffee in their hand.

I waited for some time until I had a seat and then took my headset from my bag and started to play my favorite tracks to while away the 40 minutes long journey with 2 changes in it. After a speed walking from the station inside with all my fellow morning speed walkers, I reached out of the station and walked to my work place which is still another 3 minutes straight walk. Wished good morning to the security staff who always wishes me with this bright smile and entered into the lift and waited till the lift hit the 7th floor.

After getting inside and signed into my work account and took my files and my laptop and went to the board room for an management meeting. I opened my presentation which will initially show the present status of the company and the necessary changed to be made in the future aspects. Exactly in 15 minutes the room was filled by all senior management team with the Board of Directors. One of my main issues which I took into effect was the lack of staffs and to increase the staffs in various branches to increase high results. The presentation was nearly there and it convinced the Board to hire more people in the same day interviews and I was happy for all the Candidates who were attending the interview.

I took my morning break and came out of the building for a smoke. I took my cigarette out and started to lite it when I heard a voice at my back, Can I get a light please? I turned back to see an Pretty Asian female mostly an British-Indian. I shared my Zippo fire on her Marlboro lights. She thanked me and then started her smoke. Do u work here she asked? I replied no. I hated myself at that moment for saying that unnecessary lie. God only knows why I  said like that. The course of all events happened after this, is just because of the reason I said NO for her question.  Welcome to take part in an wonderful live-life moments. Sit back and enjoy.
                                    The Moments of Lie

Sep 20, 2011

A letter which I am gonna post!!! (here)

I have wriiten many posts so far in these 2 years. But they were mostly about friendship, short stories and some political and social issues. But this one which you are gonna read is some thing that IS NOT MY WORK! i do not have any rights to these beautiful words. This is truely beautiful real life incident.this is acually  a letter, and I am just a post man or a publisher who publishes it.

So let me tell u this one story abt a gurl who I met at airport. Car parking.!! Super scared...!! N din talk at all.. Mujhe kya pata tha dat dis was d silent breeze b4 the storm!! :p lol..!! I stuck sticker on her arm n I did find her a lil ok ok types cuz she din gel up 2 my madness wen another new frnd of mine was!! She payed a bomb n stayed at bnb.. N we payed weekly of wad she did daily!! :p but bechari wasin her fault ..!! So in a day or two we call her out to a pub but we made it  late.. She goes back n we dont get 2 c her!! Aaaahhh...!! But seriously it didn't matter to me.. To My other friend it did.. So I felt bad n felt bad for her!

Next day I c her at a supermarket she sees me n my other friend n bursts into tears.. Boooooooom!! I went crazy..!! I calmed her down she was crying cuz she couldn't find an apartment nor she had anyone with her no mobile no shit!! So we made her feel at home n shopped wid her. We invited her to r house but she said no it wud get late crap so we left it!!  next day I see her far away at high street I ran for my life 2 fetch her.. She was busy looking around for an apartments where she could stay.. So we spoke 2 her and was looking around wid her but then finally made her 2 stay wid us.. She started living wid us in our apartment.. It costed her a bomb!! But since we wer der she loved it!! Wow...!! So next day I take her out wid me 2 show her d uni etc. N she was soo happy since new house new frnds new life new freedom dat in excitement she told me dat "ur my BFF" n I was lik.. I am WHAT?!?! (wad i knew dat i would tell her d same someday) N den explained to her see here we all r new.. N plz don't trust any1 soo soon, it's barely a week since I've seen u!! N told her all the things related to it.. Dat u don't do dis, don't do dat..!! I was just flaunting myself :p lol but loved it since she encouraged it :p haha loved d importance!! Den on her b'day I see the real her wen she's all drunk n gone n worst/best she started to cry.. I had heard of it but first time I saw some1 cry after drinks!! I was freaked out n left my glass aside!! :p din wanna risk my tears :p lol..!! So dat nite I see her cry n she tells me plz don't leave me n go so I hugged n slept wid her all nite.. N in my mind 3 things.. 1) Aww soo sad shes missing home.. 2) Will I cry like dis sooner or later?!?!.. N thirdly peeeeeeeee, I soo badly wanted to pee but this Madame told me not to leave her so I did not !! N I pee'd wen I got up.. Shit was crazy...!!

Next comes the phase of crushes...!! 2nd week of lectures she has a crush on some1 it's was a hugeee hugee love at 1st sight madness!! Ghoorna.. Sharmana.. Har ek baat yaad rakhna etc. I was use 2 all my gurlies doin dat so it wasin new for me!! Den her round 2 of getting drunk.. A frnds baday bash!! N drinks widout tears 4 her impossible !! But d reason was new .. Her crush was almost dating some1 els...!! Jab dil hi tut Gaya ab jee k kya Kare dis was her condition..!! N her conditions was known even by d wall.. Doors n her dress and even the couch .. Dey all payed 4 it!! D door got all her tears since she was standing n her head on d door n she was crying, Next dress.. It tore cuz she was running n dancing 2 insanity!! :p n couch had 2 ware her weight n d wall was her dance patner for dat nite :p lol..!! Freakin crazy rite?!?! I was like ok .. She's just fine...!! Den came our few beach n round the place trips!! Was funn!!Den came all blunders in her life n den related 2 dat in my life!! So we shifted to this most beautiful house in d world...!! She was soo happy getting 2 knw d house.. But wid d house came her new crushhhhh!! Pa pa paaaaaa!!

Entered a new fella..!! Prety kool.. Sweet type Banda.. Yeh chori ko ghayal kar Gaya...!! But we all know the universal truth!! " the one whom we like never likes us back" toh she toh started singin.. Toh lut gae haa lut gae.. Toh lut gae tere mohobaat mai :p but life moves on andn she made him her closest frnd ever!! Always der 4 each other.. Caring abt each other.. Etc etc so dis was a sweet continuation !! Den came d phase of we two not talking 2 each other... Dost dost naaa raha.. Pyaar pyaar naa raha.. It was insane misconception!! Dat was d only time we din dance together :( but attitude was in d air!! But den dancing got us back r common frnds baday party at a disc.. So we started dancing together then talking.. Den clearing doubts.. den sorting.. N finally.. Came a phase where we two use 2 b home alone 24*7 n a frnd who was busy in his own life!! N we got actually close, watched movies.. Talked abt r crushes.. Refeshed past good memories.. Cooked together.. Danced.. Sang.. All in all and a week or two was left wen we had to leave dat house n shift 2 different regions.. Dont knw wad made me tell her.. U knw wad.. Ur my best frnd.. It's lik come on we are doing n sharing wad every best frnd does.. N in my mobile saved her no as best frnd and the same in her mobile too :p lol  so den came my birthday!! I was surprised n happy n amazed by her planning.. I'm not dat expressive so couldn't shed happy tears or excitement..!! But trust me it was my best birthday.. Cuz for the 1st time, it was not me but a frnd celebrated my birthday for me.. other wise it was like, yea ur invited 4 d party!! For d 1st time a girl did something 4 me..!! But she was no1 els she is my BFF!! Den after dis happiness sadness had 2 come so we parted directions.. But something was calling me back.. Soo I unfortunately met wid an accident in car when we left her in bardford and moving to london. so we had 2 go whr she was..!! So der we meet again n touchwood none of us injured!! We spent awesome dancing drinking nites n den finally a goodbye..!! We wer hardly 3hrs aways but trust me it totally killed us!! So den came a a new frnd in my life she was sweet n has a bad present so I was totally sympathised wid her.. And made her my good frnd.. But I missed dis best frnd of mine always cuz I told her one thing " I don't wanna make u hear stories.. I want u 2 to be  a part of it!! <3 " so on friendships day I plan to meet her but she had gone 4 a trip so I made my frnds ready n followed her to the place where she went. But due to miscommunication I had to tell her abt it 3hrs earlier.. Bloody I hate DES 3hrs!! So den I meet her n wish her!! Was awesome I was super happy!!!! Then she came 2 my hotel 4 a while n she couldn't stand my friendship with that new girl, she thought I would get close and make her my BFF!! So she started avoiding me.. N I went mad.. N finally she bursted out n said dat she was insecure abt me.. Hav u ever seen such a BFF!! I had such in skool wen I was tiny.. But wid her I guess we hav many years to grow up :p so I hung up n made a video which had just us two..!! N it was my 1st time ever for some1.. I knew she's too senti types she wud fall 4 it.. :p lol.. N we wer happily back..!! Den still r fights din stop she got upset n I got mad!! So I plan 2 surprise her by reaching her home!! But wen I reach d station 2 catch d train I see her.... I'm lik omg!! She too comes 2 surprise me!! N I was sooo happy!! Some1 1st time ever gave me a surprise!! :) I was touched!! Later why would I step back I surprised her since she was goin more away which was lik 9hrs by by by by by flight ( to india ) :( so I thought last few days I'd spend wid her...!! Was awesomeeeeee!! We got drunk every nite... Smooked up every nite.. Pampered her in her last few days wid me..!! And crazily danced wid her...!! Sang love story loudly wid her!! Loved it all!!  Just one regression couldn't celebrate her. Birthday to my expectation!! But I got a cake which she had on my birthday!! Pheww!! Was funnn!!  Den while seeing her of.. My heart was super low n I was super speechless!! But hugged her 4 d last time n said a goodbye!! Den are talking was sooo much reduced till now is..!! I miss her alot in everything I do.. I knw she's busy cuz alot of commitments.. But still .. :( miss the  laughing.. Dancing.. Smiling wid her!! Just miss her sooo much!! Hope I could just catch a train meet her.. But my misfortune!! And do u know why am I writing all this??? Cuz today me n her complete one year of meeting each other!! I'm soo glad dat I've meet her.. And have her as my BFF!! Love u my BFF!!

From time to time I need up wriiting my blogs about friends and frienship, now its about "The way a girl misses her Best Best Friend". I did it because both of them are my very close friends. I did some paraphrasing and some little additions to work to make the readers clear. Though its ment to ONLY one person, by posting this even my readers will also enjoy this beautiful new age FRIENDSHIP!

I just love the way this girls tells her things which happened. I didnt see any grammar mistakes, but just LOVE. I hope U didnt see it as well !! Deepika this is for you!!! Obivisouly you know from whom is this!!! Miss. Jinal Parekh!!

Jul 8, 2011

The house

This might be a story but the incidents mentioned here are real . We never saw anything but the story is about the things we felt in the house. Welcome to my House !!!

The Queens Country welcome us with wide open hands when the day we arrived. The only thing which all of us know about United Kingdom is the English Man's country and the Queen's Country. Our excitement level was very high before and after landing to this country. They say that the Sun never sets in the British Emperor but on the other hand the fact is the Sun never shows for more than 7 months in a year. Though the English has ruled us for ages, we do say in a proud way "I am doing my masters in England".

I took a University accommodation and stayed there. My friend  Ashok took a University Accommodation and moved out to a private accommodation getting bored of staying alone in the Halls of Residence. Till then he was exited about every moment of his life here. But there was something new waiting for him in the house. Something which we never talk about, some thing which everyone fears about. I dropped him to his new place in my car and settled everything for him. He stayed with another friend  Shiva in that house and there were two other girls who already stayed there. His room was in the first floor just near the stairs. It was a small room for him though he adjusted himself in it. I left after helping him with his stuffs and returned back to my Room.

His house was situated at the back of a Graveyard. Though we never took it as a problem because already one friend stayed there and we cant see the graveyard from his place because there were many house near by and so most of the times we forget the fact about it. The next day I got a voice mail from Ashok who stays there saying " call me or come here as soon as you get this voice mail". I was confused and called him immediately , "I want to meet you soon, come quickly as possible" and disconnected the line. I rushed there within 10 minutes to hear something unusual.

"This place is haunted". He tells this as soon I entered the house. I was shocked to hear this and thanked my luck of not staying with him the other night. It took me some minutes to regain my senses and then I enquired about the previous night incidents. and he started...

"I went and slept in my room and I locked my door, then  i started to hear various sounds outside the room. It was as if some one trying to push the door and constantly i can hear knocking sounds which made me awake the whole night", he finished in a soft voice. I suddenly laughed at him. It was not that I am not afraid of ghosts and spirits, it was that the difference which he felt was only because of the change in the house. He stayed in a concrete building and now he stays in an wooden building so it is natural for these sounds to take place when specially the climate is always windy.So I convinced him not to worry about anything and asked him to get ready for classes. He was slightly convinced  and we started with our routine from then.

After two days i got a job and I was busy with my shifts and classes so I was not in frequent talking terms with him. After some months even i changed from the University accommodation to private house where some very close seniors live . My routine was fixed from then on as going to work, attending lectures and partying with friends. So we meet only in weekends in my house where we talk and have food together. On fine Friday night, we had a get together. He wanted to take a lap top so he went to my friends room and rushed back immediately, his face was so furious and we enquired  him what happened. "I can hear some sounds there in the room when I entered, he said. I was laughing as usual and asked him to shut up. Then slowly my mouth shut when i heard my senior talking. " Yes, it is very common in that room, even i have felt it many times dont mind it, he said in a very cool manner". What the hell?? I was taken back and my face went small after that. Tensed about what he said , I asked him how can you be so cool with this?. "It is very normal here most of the places in U.K are haunted, you never know it but there will be something in your house which may or may not harm you. It depends on the ghosts". I was really taken back, but still i dont know whether to believe him fully or not and then ashok opened his mouth which took me top and down.

"I told you my house is haunted and you didnt believe, but from the next day i never slept in that room but shared shiva's room. I thought only I can hear all these, but in the nights everyone in the house can hear weird sounds happening all over the house. One day night when I was in shiva's room, we can hear some whistle sound just outside the door and the time we open the door it vanishes. It happened so frequently that when ever we open the door the sound stopped. But lastly shiva tried to open the door very slowly but the sound stopped when he holded the handle of the door. This is nothing when compared to what i'm gonna tell you now, and he started again with a pause.

One day around `12.30 a.m when i was washing my vessels in the kitchen I could feel that some one was watching me through the window, but I saw my reflection in the window mirror, i thought everything was fine and washed all my vessels, but only at the last I realized that i was wearing a red t shirt and the reflection on the mirror was white. I didnt know what to do at that moment, but some how i tried to make myself strong and ran towards my room after that. I can very well feel there is something, but it is not harming us at anytime. I don't know why, but I got used to these and now every sound seems to be fine for us, because we don't mind it these days". He finished. I was no mood to talk after that and straightly went to sleep after that.

After many days I went to his house to write this story in his place thinking it would be suitable place to get the correct  feel. I was sitting in the hall where I was typing the story with Ashok and Shiva sitting with me. After some time i was chatting with a friend in facebook, and i didn't notice them leaving from the hall. After some time ashok came to the hall again and asked me to notice the door of their hall. It was half way open without any holdings as we were seeing that in a surprise, the door closed itself with a bang which made me to finish this story here.

Sudden end is not by the writer but some one else in "The House"  !!!! 

May 1, 2011

Passing Clouds

If you look from Down, Clouds seems to come with you where ever you go, but the fact is that, it keeps on moving away from you . I would not take this as examples for girls, but would quote this for the things that may happen/happened in your life. Every person has a changing group of friends in their life. I wont say that every friend changes, but its a fact that it keep on changing with time. But when it comes to girls, usually it varies from person to person. If you think it don’t change in your life, then let me give you this persons life as an example for the change of girls he had in his live and even though he had one girl who never moves away from him and that was his love.

According to him, Girls are can be your best friend and your worst enemy. He has just two categories of girls in his life. Being born with a family of girls he was more comfortable being with them. You can’t term as a Casanova though he love each girl he talked with. He cares for them when they are his friends and after that comes the problem. I guess this would be a sufficient intro and here goes the story.......

For every person, love enters his life without his knowledge. Don’t ask me what if it enters with his knowledge?, for this person it entered without his knowledge. It all started as a joke and he started to love this girl. He did have the courage to go and tell her that he loved her, but what happened was a funny incident. The girl started to cry loud by hearing this, he was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Did I tell you when this happened?, It happened when he was 13 and that girl was a year younger to him. The girl was surrounded by her small group of friends and all of them started to shout at him for what he has done. He was cool enough to say,"I had this in my mind so I told, but I don’t want any reply from her". After this incident he was teased every time with this girl when ever his friends felt like teasing him. But he was happy inside hearing all that teasing and didn’t make any fuss about that. After two years the girl left his school and everything came to a sudden end. At that point he felt bad, not because the girl left him, but he wasn’t able to apologise for what he did.

He was still thinking her as his love and loved when he was teased by this girl. After that, came the teenage of this guy. Like all the other guys in teenage he also started to smoke and drink at times. But he started to do these things just to know about these so called bad habits. And after a long time he found the second girl who crossed like a teenage beauty. He was taken away by her cuteness, though he didn’t have any such feelings towards her. But he liked her inside and never made that to come from his mouth or by his actions. He used to give blank calls to her landline number and never used to talk with her anytime. This continued for some days and then the big day came where he and that girl were alone and started to talk general things. Then they came across each and every topic under the sun and then came the topic of love. That girl was braver enough to say him that she knows that he loves her. Being shocked by this, he replied that he never had intentions like that towards her. She also said that she knows that he was the one who was giving blank called to her house and she admitted that she also loved him. Within no minutes they both kissed passionately though it was the first kiss of both in they lives, it didn’t seem like the first one. :) Days passed they started to talk days and nights in phone and they both became more intimate. It was just months passed and when one fine day the girl's house was shifted to a far place from his place. She told him about that, but they never thought about the future of both their love, they were so much deep into the present and left the future. As judged they relation broke up because of no reason. Both were so cool enough about that and leaving their past just like and that and headed towards the future.

With this girl he started to not to love any other girl, he was true this time but it was the age that was the mistake. If you say that loves come sin any age I agree with you. Yes, it does. But for the love to grow and the level of understanding between the lovers to grow more, the age criteria also works. Most of the lovers in India have a tendency to fall into love at the very early age and then the feelings for their mistake that they have choose the wrong one would arise at some day later. He didn’t want to love anymore, but he didn’t hate girls. He still had his one friend who was with him before his love and after his love. The beauty of friendship is there is no unnecessary ending, unless you are insane or that other one is insane. But he made the mistake of hiding about this girl to most of his friends, because he was not sure of what he was doing.

And again another girl in his life, but this one as a true friend. He meets her in his class and gradually they became close by many things in common. They were good friends but they cannot be termed as close friends. This change from good to close happened in the time of break of school and entering college. The girl was deserted in a different college having no school friends studying with her. They contacted each of them by texting from friends mobile. He gave that warmth and affection to her which made them so close and made the bonding which can never be broken by anyone except by themselves. They had late night’s talks everyday and used to talk until the early rise of the sun. After some days they got a personal mobile form them selves and the 300 messages offer was not enough for them daily. I wonder most of the guys and girls before the invention of THE FACEBOOK became close only by texting. I have heard from many of my friends becoming close to a girl who they never used to talk in school just by texting. And i would say, for those seniors who curse us for the use of mobiles, you guys missed the ultimate fun in your lives. We know its bad but we cant help it because its our age.!!!

Every relation in his life had to come to an end, though he believed it strongly he didn’t restrict himself being close with anyone. In spite of the fact he knows it would hurt him. But this relationship, which he thought would never, had a end came to an sudden end. The closest friend of him, just left him. There was a strong reason behind it. Though he hurt her for that, he cannot do it because of the things that girl has done in his life. But keeping all the good facts inside his mind he still hates her outside.!!! Bitter truth!!!

At the time of Joing College he didn’t have so many friends. But gradually when he came to talk with everyone they liked him because of his frankness . So he got loads of friends in college. But even college friendship has a problem. Soon as you come out of your school, everyone thinks that college is going to be so much fun. They never think that it’s so close to decide your future. They want to enjoy their life, and they do it to the fullest. The one major thing in college is that a guy and a girl became friends just because of some attraction. I will never call it lust, because its not a sexually attraction. It’s a attraction of fantasy. They become friends by texting days and nights and become close very soon. But when they come to know what they are in true the problem starts. This guy was not close with anyone in the start, but when gradually everyone started to fight against their friends they seem the person outside will be a better one, they cant share the closeness they shared with them. But what they usually do is that they share the pain, fights to him to make them feel good. This guy always can judge girls correctly with his past experience, so he never got carried away by their affection. But they were his close friends what ever they do. They had loads of problems which aroused in their 3 years of college life where he came into it and solved it how much ever he can and made their life simple, by making his life complicated, by at the end due to some misinterpretation of girls, which they usually do and cannot be blamed he was thought to be the soul cause of the problems. So they started to stand away from him. Where as other set of girls who know what he was, stood with him and supported him. Where as this guy he avoided everything on the roll and came to a better place..... But still he has his close friends in girls!!
This is not to hurt anyone is person. This is just friction with some real life examples.  Though I never wanted to continue it when I started to write this, for the request of my friend Swathy Rajagopal I have finished it now. Dedicated to all my friends :P

Feb 11, 2011


This is all about a play of circumstances in a persons life. I wanted to make it interesting so I choose this different format of writing. I hope you like this...!!!!

Revenge seems to be a harsh word in every ones mind. It is not taken by all it into their brains, but the one who takes it must be the victim of some circumstance.  This path cant be chosen by everyone because it is not a solution, but many discuss and support a revenge will be a perfect answer. So taken that into mind this story is all about the circumstance which made a person take the path of revenge as a part of his normal life.
Taken from a persons Diary notes the story had been reduced from its original.

Three years of college was great, but the problems I faced was more than the enjoyment I had in my college life. It all happened by a girl and a friend of mine who left all his other friends for that girl. I was a normal guy when I entered college, I never wanted to get into any problem. You can also term me as your soft natured friend. I had lots of friends throughout my college, I used to talk with everyone in my college which was my usual character. College life was a living hell but we enjoyed that hell as it was. But we never knew the problems would turn so worse one day. I never knew all this would happen and would make me like this. I could never forget some incidents in my life which is still in my brain covering half part of my brain. It all started worse when Incident number 2 happened which made me change as an animal.

Everyone is this world has two faces, they show the one and only some show the second, those who show it are termed as Psycho's, serial killers, murders and criminals. This second face is showed only when some unusual incident happens in their lifes and make them show their faces. My second face which I never knew I had came into life my this Incident 2.

Incident 2 :

When I was rushing to my class to get My I.D card from that girl who caused lots of problems the day before. I was asked to just say sorry and get my I.D card back from her. I was waiting for her when all my friends were asking me about the problem and were sorry for the incident which has happened. But I was so tensed to answer anyone so I just kept quite while my other friends who were in the Incident 1 was telling others the thing that happened. She entered the room with that friend of her and an dishonest friend of mine who leaded me into this problem. I went near her and asked her about my I.D card. She ordered me to come out and talk with her. I went out and she started to shout at me. I folded my hands first time in my life in front of a girl and patiently listened to her. She shouted that she will file a case against me saying that I  was teasing her which I have never done. I was so much in my fumes but I controlled my self saying Sorry for what I have done and asked her to give me my I.D card. But she turned her face towards that guy and asked him what should be done to me as if I did some thing wrong. Then it was this guys turn, I went near him since he was my friend and pleaded him not to make this one a big issue, I even called him last night to discuss about this and asked him to help me getting out of this issue which he said he will. But this guy all of the sudden gave the I.D card to that girl and asked her to do what ever she wants to do and he wont say a word against that. I was literally taken back. That moment I was already angry on her talking like that, to add more to it this guy told like this. I controlled my self not to hit that girl and was quite. After that she threw the I.D card on my face. Which I must say is the biggest mistake ever done my her in her life which she will repent for the years to come. And that was the moment which made that animal inside me to get up. I was not able to be normal after this which made my life to take a wrong turn. It is only the circumstance that can make a man good or bad, my circumstance were really bad which never allowed me to be good. So I choose this path.

Not only this one incident has made this person a living animal, but I can say that this incident was also a important reason for him taking his revenge. The following is the incident 1 which made him kill all his good attributes and to gave rebirth to the animal inside him.

Incident 1 :

I was happy that today's exam was so easy and what made me even more happy was the fact that there were only 2 more exams left.  As happy as ever I was talking with my friends inside the college when suddenly a car came close to me and asked me to accompany them. I didnt know why they were calling me inside and without giving me time to think they pulled me inside the Car and drived off from the college. After stopping at a dead end of a road they pushed me outside and asked me  "am I a rowdy",? I replied no to them. They didnt allow me to talk a word. They were 4 and I was the only one who was getting hits from them every second. They asked me why did I send the mail to my friend. I told them he only asked like that so only I sent a mail like that. But they were there to hit me so they played nicely with me. At that moment I wanted to kill them all, But I didnt do that, thinking of the life of my sister. I was a soft guy, but they made me to kill my soft nature by myself, and that treatment which I received from them made me forget things. They were politeness, empathy, and fear.

I wanted to know what was in that mail that the guy has mentioned in his notes, but I couldn't find anything of that in those bits. While I am here trying to find the rest of the story in a few days and will keep you posted........


This is just a work of fiction......

Jan 24, 2011

FAITH - A story of a girl's Love

The world faith just seems to be like a normal one. But in reality Faith plays a very important role. Faith is a stronger trust which we have on a person or belief. Love is also a belief. God cant be seen anywhere is this world, but we still believe that he exists some where. Love also cant be seen out so easily. But the conception of the parents on love is, its bad and it changes the life into a different way. In a country like India where parents plays a important role in the growth of the children the fact is that, most of the parents do not understand their children totally. Even though they love them as their lives the power of their understanding is very low. There may be some exceptions but in reality the majority of them don't. At a point when they find that their children are in love the majority of them change against their children. That's the biggest mistake done in Indian families and when its a girl who is in love, the parents themselves ruin her life. They do many things against them, the most painful things they do against their daughters is that they lose the faith in them. A girls love is always painful than the boys love. That is the reason they take so much of time to think to accept his love. The problems they face in their families is also more than that of a guy facing his problem. How much can a parent change if they come to know about their daughter is in love and How will be the life of that girl in her own sweet home change and what happens of the loss of faith of her parents. Here comes to answer all these. A story which I consider as my epic. FAITH.........

To be posted shortly.....

Jan 19, 2011


I would like to start with this post by saying everyone that I have started to smoke. Many of my friends know about this and I would like to thank and say sorry to all of them. They advised me a lot when hey came to know that I am smoking. They are still angry on me with this and they feel for themself about me starting to smoke. I would like to tell one thing to all of you, "Love you all". I know this one word wont make any difference in any of your thoughts. But I would promise you that I wont catch this as a habit. I know I am spoiling my health because of this and that's what make you worried and angry towards me. I made many of you think that I dont care a shit about your advices, but in reality its not like what you think. I dont want this King size tube to disturb my life which I wanted to live King Size. everything has its end and I will put that end soon. Thats what I can assure you now and SORRY again.

You might think why I have made this topic. Its not that I support smoking. I can very well say smoking is not just a bad habit, its an addiction. The best addiction in the world. So what makes people like me to smoke it? Its just the mind set of people. Many have taken this from their fathers, many from film stars, many to know what's there in it. I came to know about a father who quit his smoking when he came to know his son is taking Cigarrets from his packet. Everyone knows its bad and many has left smoking where as many are trying to stop it and me, just started.

I dont take this as a matter of pride, but it depends from the mind set of the person. For me, I would like to know about everything in this world. Its just Know it and leave it. Life is a short one, there are many things all around us called good and bad. You have to know both that's my concept. Its also a connection with the age factor. A kid does thing what he has to do for his age, he is happy with that. A child does things what he should do and he is happy with that and finally a teenager must do what ever he should do in his age. Its only that we should not miss our life by giving these things importance. I meant these should be parts of life what we live.

I dont go philosophical, because every one loves their live and want that to be as they wish. The problem is that opinion what they have towards us. They think we are good, but the truth is that we are not. Everyone has his own flaws. But they dont have the courage to express it. I personally feel that one should'nt have his own opinion about me, rather I tell him what I am. The first thing I did when I started smoking was that telling my mom that I have started to smoke. I don't want them to think what I am not.

And for the parents, I would appreciate if you dont make a issue when your son/daughter starts smoking. If they tell you that they smoke, rather than shouting think about the love that he /she has for you, which made them not to lie to you.Yes, Its a bad habit, rather than shouting them advice them about the consequences, which he will never get into their head. That's because of their age and you cant be blamed. They will stop it when they comes to know their health is spoiled or come out of it when they knows that there is nothing in it. Which is the truth.

Coming back to smoking, its just a feeling that makes you good when you smoke. But as everyone knows its a slow poison. The climate where I live currently in so cold which makes me smoke and I wont blame the climate alone, but its also my intrest towards it. I would tell you one thing firmly, every smoker knows about its fault, so he will reduce it and then he will stop it or he may stop when he comes to know that his son is smoking from his packet. And that Life :)