Sep 20, 2011

A letter which I am gonna post!!! (here)

I have wriiten many posts so far in these 2 years. But they were mostly about friendship, short stories and some political and social issues. But this one which you are gonna read is some thing that IS NOT MY WORK! i do not have any rights to these beautiful words. This is truely beautiful real life incident.this is acually  a letter, and I am just a post man or a publisher who publishes it.

So let me tell u this one story abt a gurl who I met at airport. Car parking.!! Super scared...!! N din talk at all.. Mujhe kya pata tha dat dis was d silent breeze b4 the storm!! :p lol..!! I stuck sticker on her arm n I did find her a lil ok ok types cuz she din gel up 2 my madness wen another new frnd of mine was!! She payed a bomb n stayed at bnb.. N we payed weekly of wad she did daily!! :p but bechari wasin her fault ..!! So in a day or two we call her out to a pub but we made it  late.. She goes back n we dont get 2 c her!! Aaaahhh...!! But seriously it didn't matter to me.. To My other friend it did.. So I felt bad n felt bad for her!

Next day I c her at a supermarket she sees me n my other friend n bursts into tears.. Boooooooom!! I went crazy..!! I calmed her down she was crying cuz she couldn't find an apartment nor she had anyone with her no mobile no shit!! So we made her feel at home n shopped wid her. We invited her to r house but she said no it wud get late crap so we left it!!  next day I see her far away at high street I ran for my life 2 fetch her.. She was busy looking around for an apartments where she could stay.. So we spoke 2 her and was looking around wid her but then finally made her 2 stay wid us.. She started living wid us in our apartment.. It costed her a bomb!! But since we wer der she loved it!! Wow...!! So next day I take her out wid me 2 show her d uni etc. N she was soo happy since new house new frnds new life new freedom dat in excitement she told me dat "ur my BFF" n I was lik.. I am WHAT?!?! (wad i knew dat i would tell her d same someday) N den explained to her see here we all r new.. N plz don't trust any1 soo soon, it's barely a week since I've seen u!! N told her all the things related to it.. Dat u don't do dis, don't do dat..!! I was just flaunting myself :p lol but loved it since she encouraged it :p haha loved d importance!! Den on her b'day I see the real her wen she's all drunk n gone n worst/best she started to cry.. I had heard of it but first time I saw some1 cry after drinks!! I was freaked out n left my glass aside!! :p din wanna risk my tears :p lol..!! So dat nite I see her cry n she tells me plz don't leave me n go so I hugged n slept wid her all nite.. N in my mind 3 things.. 1) Aww soo sad shes missing home.. 2) Will I cry like dis sooner or later?!?!.. N thirdly peeeeeeeee, I soo badly wanted to pee but this Madame told me not to leave her so I did not !! N I pee'd wen I got up.. Shit was crazy...!!

Next comes the phase of crushes...!! 2nd week of lectures she has a crush on some1 it's was a hugeee hugee love at 1st sight madness!! Ghoorna.. Sharmana.. Har ek baat yaad rakhna etc. I was use 2 all my gurlies doin dat so it wasin new for me!! Den her round 2 of getting drunk.. A frnds baday bash!! N drinks widout tears 4 her impossible !! But d reason was new .. Her crush was almost dating some1 els...!! Jab dil hi tut Gaya ab jee k kya Kare dis was her condition..!! N her conditions was known even by d wall.. Doors n her dress and even the couch .. Dey all payed 4 it!! D door got all her tears since she was standing n her head on d door n she was crying, Next dress.. It tore cuz she was running n dancing 2 insanity!! :p n couch had 2 ware her weight n d wall was her dance patner for dat nite :p lol..!! Freakin crazy rite?!?! I was like ok .. She's just fine...!! Den came our few beach n round the place trips!! Was funn!!Den came all blunders in her life n den related 2 dat in my life!! So we shifted to this most beautiful house in d world...!! She was soo happy getting 2 knw d house.. But wid d house came her new crushhhhh!! Pa pa paaaaaa!!

Entered a new fella..!! Prety kool.. Sweet type Banda.. Yeh chori ko ghayal kar Gaya...!! But we all know the universal truth!! " the one whom we like never likes us back" toh she toh started singin.. Toh lut gae haa lut gae.. Toh lut gae tere mohobaat mai :p but life moves on andn she made him her closest frnd ever!! Always der 4 each other.. Caring abt each other.. Etc etc so dis was a sweet continuation !! Den came d phase of we two not talking 2 each other... Dost dost naaa raha.. Pyaar pyaar naa raha.. It was insane misconception!! Dat was d only time we din dance together :( but attitude was in d air!! But den dancing got us back r common frnds baday party at a disc.. So we started dancing together then talking.. Den clearing doubts.. den sorting.. N finally.. Came a phase where we two use 2 b home alone 24*7 n a frnd who was busy in his own life!! N we got actually close, watched movies.. Talked abt r crushes.. Refeshed past good memories.. Cooked together.. Danced.. Sang.. All in all and a week or two was left wen we had to leave dat house n shift 2 different regions.. Dont knw wad made me tell her.. U knw wad.. Ur my best frnd.. It's lik come on we are doing n sharing wad every best frnd does.. N in my mobile saved her no as best frnd and the same in her mobile too :p lol  so den came my birthday!! I was surprised n happy n amazed by her planning.. I'm not dat expressive so couldn't shed happy tears or excitement..!! But trust me it was my best birthday.. Cuz for the 1st time, it was not me but a frnd celebrated my birthday for me.. other wise it was like, yea ur invited 4 d party!! For d 1st time a girl did something 4 me..!! But she was no1 els she is my BFF!! Den after dis happiness sadness had 2 come so we parted directions.. But something was calling me back.. Soo I unfortunately met wid an accident in car when we left her in bardford and moving to london. so we had 2 go whr she was..!! So der we meet again n touchwood none of us injured!! We spent awesome dancing drinking nites n den finally a goodbye..!! We wer hardly 3hrs aways but trust me it totally killed us!! So den came a a new frnd in my life she was sweet n has a bad present so I was totally sympathised wid her.. And made her my good frnd.. But I missed dis best frnd of mine always cuz I told her one thing " I don't wanna make u hear stories.. I want u 2 to be  a part of it!! <3 " so on friendships day I plan to meet her but she had gone 4 a trip so I made my frnds ready n followed her to the place where she went. But due to miscommunication I had to tell her abt it 3hrs earlier.. Bloody I hate DES 3hrs!! So den I meet her n wish her!! Was awesome I was super happy!!!! Then she came 2 my hotel 4 a while n she couldn't stand my friendship with that new girl, she thought I would get close and make her my BFF!! So she started avoiding me.. N I went mad.. N finally she bursted out n said dat she was insecure abt me.. Hav u ever seen such a BFF!! I had such in skool wen I was tiny.. But wid her I guess we hav many years to grow up :p so I hung up n made a video which had just us two..!! N it was my 1st time ever for some1.. I knew she's too senti types she wud fall 4 it.. :p lol.. N we wer happily back..!! Den still r fights din stop she got upset n I got mad!! So I plan 2 surprise her by reaching her home!! But wen I reach d station 2 catch d train I see her.... I'm lik omg!! She too comes 2 surprise me!! N I was sooo happy!! Some1 1st time ever gave me a surprise!! :) I was touched!! Later why would I step back I surprised her since she was goin more away which was lik 9hrs by by by by by flight ( to india ) :( so I thought last few days I'd spend wid her...!! Was awesomeeeeee!! We got drunk every nite... Smooked up every nite.. Pampered her in her last few days wid me..!! And crazily danced wid her...!! Sang love story loudly wid her!! Loved it all!!  Just one regression couldn't celebrate her. Birthday to my expectation!! But I got a cake which she had on my birthday!! Pheww!! Was funnn!!  Den while seeing her of.. My heart was super low n I was super speechless!! But hugged her 4 d last time n said a goodbye!! Den are talking was sooo much reduced till now is..!! I miss her alot in everything I do.. I knw she's busy cuz alot of commitments.. But still .. :( miss the  laughing.. Dancing.. Smiling wid her!! Just miss her sooo much!! Hope I could just catch a train meet her.. But my misfortune!! And do u know why am I writing all this??? Cuz today me n her complete one year of meeting each other!! I'm soo glad dat I've meet her.. And have her as my BFF!! Love u my BFF!!

From time to time I need up wriiting my blogs about friends and frienship, now its about "The way a girl misses her Best Best Friend". I did it because both of them are my very close friends. I did some paraphrasing and some little additions to work to make the readers clear. Though its ment to ONLY one person, by posting this even my readers will also enjoy this beautiful new age FRIENDSHIP!

I just love the way this girls tells her things which happened. I didnt see any grammar mistakes, but just LOVE. I hope U didnt see it as well !! Deepika this is for you!!! Obivisouly you know from whom is this!!! Miss. Jinal Parekh!!


  1. i have heard people saying "speechless" but experiencing it is a completely different feeling.... looove u jinal... <3<3<3 i dont know wat to say more.... the one whole year has been a trip to heaven and back.... looove u...

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  3. saruuuu.... thank u for always being the sandwich between the fights and not minding it at all... u are a part of our crazinesss it wouldnt have been possible without u... thank u for being the person u r in my life... looove u loooadss... :)

  4. I'm glad that u liked it deepu...!! Happy anniversay to our beautiful friendship!! N Saru... Trust me!! Widout u our story is n will always b incomplete!! And thanks 4 letting me knw my errors!! Love u both a lot !!

  5. you can spend sometime for your blog writing. its too sad that you ve given up your good habits.