Jan 19, 2011


I would like to start with this post by saying everyone that I have started to smoke. Many of my friends know about this and I would like to thank and say sorry to all of them. They advised me a lot when hey came to know that I am smoking. They are still angry on me with this and they feel for themself about me starting to smoke. I would like to tell one thing to all of you, "Love you all". I know this one word wont make any difference in any of your thoughts. But I would promise you that I wont catch this as a habit. I know I am spoiling my health because of this and that's what make you worried and angry towards me. I made many of you think that I dont care a shit about your advices, but in reality its not like what you think. I dont want this King size tube to disturb my life which I wanted to live King Size. everything has its end and I will put that end soon. Thats what I can assure you now and SORRY again.

You might think why I have made this topic. Its not that I support smoking. I can very well say smoking is not just a bad habit, its an addiction. The best addiction in the world. So what makes people like me to smoke it? Its just the mind set of people. Many have taken this from their fathers, many from film stars, many to know what's there in it. I came to know about a father who quit his smoking when he came to know his son is taking Cigarrets from his packet. Everyone knows its bad and many has left smoking where as many are trying to stop it and me, just started.

I dont take this as a matter of pride, but it depends from the mind set of the person. For me, I would like to know about everything in this world. Its just Know it and leave it. Life is a short one, there are many things all around us called good and bad. You have to know both that's my concept. Its also a connection with the age factor. A kid does thing what he has to do for his age, he is happy with that. A child does things what he should do and he is happy with that and finally a teenager must do what ever he should do in his age. Its only that we should not miss our life by giving these things importance. I meant these should be parts of life what we live.

I dont go philosophical, because every one loves their live and want that to be as they wish. The problem is that opinion what they have towards us. They think we are good, but the truth is that we are not. Everyone has his own flaws. But they dont have the courage to express it. I personally feel that one should'nt have his own opinion about me, rather I tell him what I am. The first thing I did when I started smoking was that telling my mom that I have started to smoke. I don't want them to think what I am not.

And for the parents, I would appreciate if you dont make a issue when your son/daughter starts smoking. If they tell you that they smoke, rather than shouting think about the love that he /she has for you, which made them not to lie to you.Yes, Its a bad habit, rather than shouting them advice them about the consequences, which he will never get into their head. That's because of their age and you cant be blamed. They will stop it when they comes to know their health is spoiled or come out of it when they knows that there is nothing in it. Which is the truth.

Coming back to smoking, its just a feeling that makes you good when you smoke. But as everyone knows its a slow poison. The climate where I live currently in so cold which makes me smoke and I wont blame the climate alone, but its also my intrest towards it. I would tell you one thing firmly, every smoker knows about its fault, so he will reduce it and then he will stop it or he may stop when he comes to know that his son is smoking from his packet. And that Life :)


  1. ada pakki ennadhu da idhu.. ennavena pannu but promise me you'll quit after some time..

  2. sorry boss... good philosophy... but you yourself slipped here in your so called defence... you ve written its an ADDICTION... you very well know wat you wrote na??? its not that easy to resist a thing which has become your addiction... its not too late for you nip it at the bud just cut out that goddamn habit... its really intolerable... just check out this ad... awesome ad taken in a different way about quitting smoking...

  3. first saran i would like to appreciate ur guts...saying tat u smoke to all including ur parents...really they wil nt be happy,even thou u hav cmeout wit the truth...becos ur open to all,it doesnt becme a gud habbit saran...KALAVUM KATTRU MARRA....ni katradu podum...set n example fr ur brothers nd sisters..