Dec 4, 2010

In a foreign Country!!!

Hi ppl..

Hope everything is going out well in your lives. Its been a very long time since I put my hand on the keyboard to write things (except fb chats, assignments and g talk chats). And the most special thing is that, this is my first blog post outside my country. As many of you guys know I am now currently doing my Masters in Banking in United Kingdom. So I wanted to tell you people how it feels when your in a foreign land.

I still can’t forget the day when I was standing in the Chennai Airport terminal on the other side of the bars where my parents where standing opposite to me separated by the metal bars. I was exited. Thrilled to get into the Flight and start my career into the next level. Where on the other hand, my mother and father are crying because of the fact that I won’t be able to torture them for some years in their house. It took me a very hard path to come to this level so me, on the other hand was happy and contented. I don’t say that I am not a man of feeling but I am totally different in some situations of life.

In 14 hrs I reached Manchester,I could feel the cold climate because it was 12 in the night. I called my mother from the airport but her bad luck; she didn’t attend my call because in India it was 4 o clock in the morning. After that I called Pooja , yes she picked the call. I knew she will be waiting for my call (Thanks to her College I.V). After that called the one who was previously my close friend and she also took the call and I told her about the things. After that I had to catch a train to the place I am going to live for the next 2 years, Bangor. I got a train to Bangor and reached there by 2 o clock. I would likely mention and thank here Mr. Harinath who was such a sweet brother and whom I will never ever forget in my life. Mr. Hari told about us to his friends and they came there at 2.10 A.M to pick us from the station and made us to stay with them in their house. You must be wondering why am I mentioning the word "us".. I didn’t tell you guys about him na.. He is Shiva. Another sweet person who came with me for studying in my same univeristy. Will tell about him in my up coming posts.!!!

I was provided a room in my University Halls. I slept as soon as i reached their place. On the other hand, back in India my mother was so much worried about me because she haven’t heard from me for a long time. (She missed my call what can I do about that??) She called to Hari who was actually in India and got the number of the person with whom I was and called me at 6 in the morning. Wahoo!! Great work Mummy!! :)

At the start of the next day I went to the University Halls. I felt the air when I came out of the house. I just can’t express the feeling of that. Got my new and went to my new room!!! wow that was just awesome. I loved it on the whole. The place where my University is located is just awesome. It’s a small University Town. Surrounded by very few native welsh people and the rest a lot are students of the university. There are not racial activities, discrimination and other nasty stuffs. The people are so nice and I just love them all.. Love you Bangor :)

This is just my feeling in a foreign land.. But there are many things which I learnt here where back in our country we can never learn all these. Trust me, I am not joking.. But those are reserved for the next!! Love you all


  1. Wow you called pooja after calling mom???!!! i neva knew that;););) and you called a person who WAS ONCE YOUR BEST FRIEND hmmmmm!!!!! do you need to mention that but i ll have to mention you neva called your akka... or even bother to tell your ONCE FRIEND to inform your akka coz she would be worried... who cares a damn for a sis???

  2. ada paavi..appo enga kitta mattum tha sollama poitiya..let me c hw u gonna cum to INDIA back..stupid