Apr 10, 2010

Does love changes Friendship ???

Love is the most beautiful feeling ever in this world. But friendship is the most trusted relationship in this world. Is it that when someone is in love they should avoid their friends totally??. It sounds silly but there are incidents happening like this in this world and even in my life which made me to write about that in this post. My intention is not to hurt that girl but to make her understand her fault which she denies till now.

(Let the name be something of your choice) and the story starts from here!!

She was the most talkative and most beautiful girl in my class. She talks with all the girls and some guys too. She was from a girls school but she is a very social girl and talks well with everyone and mingles with them so easily. She is very close with a set of girls and guys and she shares everything about her to those set of people and cares for them like anything. Everyone in that gang was so happy having this kind of a girl as their friend and this went on till the second year of the college.

In the final days of the second semester she had a love proposal from a senior and she was thinking weather to accept or not, she told everyone that a senior has proposed her and asked her views openly with everyone in that gang. Since that guy was a very good person and we know him so well everyone said positive about that guy to her. Classes were over and we had holidays for the semester. It was a 15 days hols and at that time there was a sea change in that girl she didn't contact anyone in that time and we thought she was busy studying for her semester and the first day of the semester she came totally changed. She was so quite and acted as if she got a accident in her head. Since it was exam time we didn't ask her anything and the days went like that.

After the semester exams she called and said that she has accepted that guy. We were so happy about her relationship and she was fully fallen in love at that time. Its just 1 month for the start of her love relationship and she reacted so much for everything. Many things made us irritated but we accepted it because of the fact she was our close friend. Days went by, it was the final year of our college everyone was so sad even in the start of the final year and we enjoyed every minute in our college, but this girl was just like a chair,table,desk in my college. She will come in the morning sit in the class and during the break time she used to talk with her guy and after 12 were my classes get over she gets back to her house. She was the same girl who used to stay till 5 in the evening with us, but we didn't tel her anything because we were happy about her love with a very sweet guy.

The same process continued the whole semester fully and there came the final semester even. Those were the final days of our college life and we enjoyed those days like anything, and as usual this girl was in her own world. Everyone in our gang knew she has changed and even they changed their love for such a girl, everyone started to hate her. They didn't want to hurt her so they kept everything in their mind. They were even so upset about the attitude of that girl towards them, but they were friends so they kept everything into their mind and remained silent.

That was the time which was popular for the slam books, these books were passed to each and every person in the class and that girl's slam came to me. I wrote everything i had in my mind about her. I told all her mistakes and others opinion about her, i was not afraid and so i wrote everything she did in the class for the past one year(but sadly all ever negatives). But truly i even mentioned about the beautiful love which she had for that guy. The words which i mentioned were so true and even those negatives which I said. "She did some thing wrong and I told her that she is wrong".

The problem started from then, I thought she will change after reading that slam of mine but what happened was totally different. She was so angry on me and sent me a very long text message to my mobile. (One thing I have to mention here is that, I was so feed up with her character and I decided to go away from a girl like her and even deleted her contact from my mobile) I read that message, she started with the F word and said that I was a trespasser in her life and I have no rights to talk about her life and to add more she told many things and ended with a good bye and told she doesn't want a guy like me in her beautiful life!! I was really pissed off with this word, that fact is that I took that girl from my life long back and she asked me not to come into her life (Actually I was the one stupid guy who helped these two to talk with one an another so that they can understand themselves), I was so angry seeing those things and sent her a reply saying "JUST FUCK OFF". I dint feel sending such a thing to my so called friend because even i don't want her in my life.

She took this problem to my class mates and sadly no one supported her. They advised her in polite manner about her mistakes in the past one year. They said that she was not their old close friend and has changed so badly. One even said, she doesn't know the value of friendship, Actually i told them not to give her any advise because she was so much deep inside the world love where she lost the word Friendship in her life and its a waste of time giving her any advise. They didn't hear what I said and advised her a lot of things. She replied she will rectify everything, but she will not talk with me again and my friends said, even I am not interested to talk with her.

A day passed and as I expected there was no change with her, but poor others were totally shocked with her attitude again. I know how bad they felt which made me to write this POST about That "so called friend."

Will she ever know the value of friendship in her life ??

I don't think so!!!


1. One thing I have to tell you girls is that I have no Intentions to say bad about girls, so please my dears do not get offended. but accept the fact that guys are the same even before love and after love with their friends. ( There may be some exceptions )

2. FRIENDSHIP is very important in a life. No one can leave that for LOVE. Its pity that some like the above mentioned does that.

3. I have no intentions to say against that girl, what i wrote in this post is "THE THOUGHTS FROM MY MIND" i have enclosed only true things here.

4. I said even i hated her - I don't support my point, i know its wrong on me in hating her just because she avoids me, you can ask where is my friendship for her then? but its the fact that we cant have one sided true friendship!!!

4.Its not the expectations we had to cause a problem like this. We never expected anything from her.

5. And at the last, I am not angry on that girl because we get angry only on the ones whom we like. I think i wasted my affection for that kind of the girl. I feel for it!!( I mean for wasting my affection )



  2. yeah:) i do agree.... it happens wit girls!!! bt in most of d casses it wuld b oly coz of d guy's domination , d grl turns timid nd curtails d friendship.....!!!! y dont tis b of tat kind????

  3. 1. guys do not change their attitude towards their guy friends in most cases and they do change with girl as friends. there are exceptions to this case..

    it is the other way round like i have put it not like you have put it...

    2. some people wish to leave... should understand that we need people to be "human" remember we are "social animals"


  4. but.. i say.. love DOES change friendship..!! i do agree wit yu.. but wats ur point here??

  5. ya saran its true..i too had a similar experience..v can spend a life tym wid our luv, but not wid a frnd at every part of life,only skl n coll days r meant 4 tat..shld tat gal hav a luv by hurting these many of her frnds around her??

  6. Love and Friendship is not to be debated. For the only sane reason that everything is so personalized in both relationships, it is not possible to draw a tangent from an individual's experiences.
    Love can creep up on you, overwhelming you. Love is beautiful. So is friendship. To a guy, the center of the Universe does not shift when he finds Love. But when Love finds a girl... I have never met a girl yet who has said i like my friend more than my lover. Have you?
    Love does change friendship? ha ha... Correct me if i am wrong, doesn't love change your whole life? How many stories have we heard of girls running away from home, their parents to marry the one she truly loved. Does it mean the girl hates her parents or doesn't love them?
    Here, it is
    The comment is not for the bloggers here. This is for the one very special person in my life. She may never read this comment, i will never tell her about this. But if she did, i want her to know
    "You are the best that ever was; ever is; and ever will be" My hear is entrapped inside yours.
    Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, let us take life as it comes, and enjoy every moment that makes us laugh, cry and smile. La vie est belle, ma dame, but not so much as you.
    Yours Lovingly,
    For those who know me, i don't want a name here.
    For those who don't, May love take you up like a whirlwind, just so you will understand what transpired here. Have a good day!