Jul 8, 2011

The house

This might be a story but the incidents mentioned here are real . We never saw anything but the story is about the things we felt in the house. Welcome to my House !!!

The Queens Country welcome us with wide open hands when the day we arrived. The only thing which all of us know about United Kingdom is the English Man's country and the Queen's Country. Our excitement level was very high before and after landing to this country. They say that the Sun never sets in the British Emperor but on the other hand the fact is the Sun never shows for more than 7 months in a year. Though the English has ruled us for ages, we do say in a proud way "I am doing my masters in England".

I took a University accommodation and stayed there. My friend  Ashok took a University Accommodation and moved out to a private accommodation getting bored of staying alone in the Halls of Residence. Till then he was exited about every moment of his life here. But there was something new waiting for him in the house. Something which we never talk about, some thing which everyone fears about. I dropped him to his new place in my car and settled everything for him. He stayed with another friend  Shiva in that house and there were two other girls who already stayed there. His room was in the first floor just near the stairs. It was a small room for him though he adjusted himself in it. I left after helping him with his stuffs and returned back to my Room.

His house was situated at the back of a Graveyard. Though we never took it as a problem because already one friend stayed there and we cant see the graveyard from his place because there were many house near by and so most of the times we forget the fact about it. The next day I got a voice mail from Ashok who stays there saying " call me or come here as soon as you get this voice mail". I was confused and called him immediately , "I want to meet you soon, come quickly as possible" and disconnected the line. I rushed there within 10 minutes to hear something unusual.

"This place is haunted". He tells this as soon I entered the house. I was shocked to hear this and thanked my luck of not staying with him the other night. It took me some minutes to regain my senses and then I enquired about the previous night incidents. and he started...

"I went and slept in my room and I locked my door, then  i started to hear various sounds outside the room. It was as if some one trying to push the door and constantly i can hear knocking sounds which made me awake the whole night", he finished in a soft voice. I suddenly laughed at him. It was not that I am not afraid of ghosts and spirits, it was that the difference which he felt was only because of the change in the house. He stayed in a concrete building and now he stays in an wooden building so it is natural for these sounds to take place when specially the climate is always windy.So I convinced him not to worry about anything and asked him to get ready for classes. He was slightly convinced  and we started with our routine from then.

After two days i got a job and I was busy with my shifts and classes so I was not in frequent talking terms with him. After some months even i changed from the University accommodation to private house where some very close seniors live . My routine was fixed from then on as going to work, attending lectures and partying with friends. So we meet only in weekends in my house where we talk and have food together. On fine Friday night, we had a get together. He wanted to take a lap top so he went to my friends room and rushed back immediately, his face was so furious and we enquired  him what happened. "I can hear some sounds there in the room when I entered, he said. I was laughing as usual and asked him to shut up. Then slowly my mouth shut when i heard my senior talking. " Yes, it is very common in that room, even i have felt it many times dont mind it, he said in a very cool manner". What the hell?? I was taken back and my face went small after that. Tensed about what he said , I asked him how can you be so cool with this?. "It is very normal here most of the places in U.K are haunted, you never know it but there will be something in your house which may or may not harm you. It depends on the ghosts". I was really taken back, but still i dont know whether to believe him fully or not and then ashok opened his mouth which took me top and down.

"I told you my house is haunted and you didnt believe, but from the next day i never slept in that room but shared shiva's room. I thought only I can hear all these, but in the nights everyone in the house can hear weird sounds happening all over the house. One day night when I was in shiva's room, we can hear some whistle sound just outside the door and the time we open the door it vanishes. It happened so frequently that when ever we open the door the sound stopped. But lastly shiva tried to open the door very slowly but the sound stopped when he holded the handle of the door. This is nothing when compared to what i'm gonna tell you now, and he started again with a pause.

One day around `12.30 a.m when i was washing my vessels in the kitchen I could feel that some one was watching me through the window, but I saw my reflection in the window mirror, i thought everything was fine and washed all my vessels, but only at the last I realized that i was wearing a red t shirt and the reflection on the mirror was white. I didnt know what to do at that moment, but some how i tried to make myself strong and ran towards my room after that. I can very well feel there is something, but it is not harming us at anytime. I don't know why, but I got used to these and now every sound seems to be fine for us, because we don't mind it these days". He finished. I was no mood to talk after that and straightly went to sleep after that.

After many days I went to his house to write this story in his place thinking it would be suitable place to get the correct  feel. I was sitting in the hall where I was typing the story with Ashok and Shiva sitting with me. After some time i was chatting with a friend in facebook, and i didn't notice them leaving from the hall. After some time ashok came to the hall again and asked me to notice the door of their hall. It was half way open without any holdings as we were seeing that in a surprise, the door closed itself with a bang which made me to finish this story here.

Sudden end is not by the writer but some one else in "The House"  !!!! 

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