May 1, 2011

Passing Clouds

If you look from Down, Clouds seems to come with you where ever you go, but the fact is that, it keeps on moving away from you . I would not take this as examples for girls, but would quote this for the things that may happen/happened in your life. Every person has a changing group of friends in their life. I wont say that every friend changes, but its a fact that it keep on changing with time. But when it comes to girls, usually it varies from person to person. If you think it don’t change in your life, then let me give you this persons life as an example for the change of girls he had in his live and even though he had one girl who never moves away from him and that was his love.

According to him, Girls are can be your best friend and your worst enemy. He has just two categories of girls in his life. Being born with a family of girls he was more comfortable being with them. You can’t term as a Casanova though he love each girl he talked with. He cares for them when they are his friends and after that comes the problem. I guess this would be a sufficient intro and here goes the story.......

For every person, love enters his life without his knowledge. Don’t ask me what if it enters with his knowledge?, for this person it entered without his knowledge. It all started as a joke and he started to love this girl. He did have the courage to go and tell her that he loved her, but what happened was a funny incident. The girl started to cry loud by hearing this, he was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Did I tell you when this happened?, It happened when he was 13 and that girl was a year younger to him. The girl was surrounded by her small group of friends and all of them started to shout at him for what he has done. He was cool enough to say,"I had this in my mind so I told, but I don’t want any reply from her". After this incident he was teased every time with this girl when ever his friends felt like teasing him. But he was happy inside hearing all that teasing and didn’t make any fuss about that. After two years the girl left his school and everything came to a sudden end. At that point he felt bad, not because the girl left him, but he wasn’t able to apologise for what he did.

He was still thinking her as his love and loved when he was teased by this girl. After that, came the teenage of this guy. Like all the other guys in teenage he also started to smoke and drink at times. But he started to do these things just to know about these so called bad habits. And after a long time he found the second girl who crossed like a teenage beauty. He was taken away by her cuteness, though he didn’t have any such feelings towards her. But he liked her inside and never made that to come from his mouth or by his actions. He used to give blank calls to her landline number and never used to talk with her anytime. This continued for some days and then the big day came where he and that girl were alone and started to talk general things. Then they came across each and every topic under the sun and then came the topic of love. That girl was braver enough to say him that she knows that he loves her. Being shocked by this, he replied that he never had intentions like that towards her. She also said that she knows that he was the one who was giving blank called to her house and she admitted that she also loved him. Within no minutes they both kissed passionately though it was the first kiss of both in they lives, it didn’t seem like the first one. :) Days passed they started to talk days and nights in phone and they both became more intimate. It was just months passed and when one fine day the girl's house was shifted to a far place from his place. She told him about that, but they never thought about the future of both their love, they were so much deep into the present and left the future. As judged they relation broke up because of no reason. Both were so cool enough about that and leaving their past just like and that and headed towards the future.

With this girl he started to not to love any other girl, he was true this time but it was the age that was the mistake. If you say that loves come sin any age I agree with you. Yes, it does. But for the love to grow and the level of understanding between the lovers to grow more, the age criteria also works. Most of the lovers in India have a tendency to fall into love at the very early age and then the feelings for their mistake that they have choose the wrong one would arise at some day later. He didn’t want to love anymore, but he didn’t hate girls. He still had his one friend who was with him before his love and after his love. The beauty of friendship is there is no unnecessary ending, unless you are insane or that other one is insane. But he made the mistake of hiding about this girl to most of his friends, because he was not sure of what he was doing.

And again another girl in his life, but this one as a true friend. He meets her in his class and gradually they became close by many things in common. They were good friends but they cannot be termed as close friends. This change from good to close happened in the time of break of school and entering college. The girl was deserted in a different college having no school friends studying with her. They contacted each of them by texting from friends mobile. He gave that warmth and affection to her which made them so close and made the bonding which can never be broken by anyone except by themselves. They had late night’s talks everyday and used to talk until the early rise of the sun. After some days they got a personal mobile form them selves and the 300 messages offer was not enough for them daily. I wonder most of the guys and girls before the invention of THE FACEBOOK became close only by texting. I have heard from many of my friends becoming close to a girl who they never used to talk in school just by texting. And i would say, for those seniors who curse us for the use of mobiles, you guys missed the ultimate fun in your lives. We know its bad but we cant help it because its our age.!!!

Every relation in his life had to come to an end, though he believed it strongly he didn’t restrict himself being close with anyone. In spite of the fact he knows it would hurt him. But this relationship, which he thought would never, had a end came to an sudden end. The closest friend of him, just left him. There was a strong reason behind it. Though he hurt her for that, he cannot do it because of the things that girl has done in his life. But keeping all the good facts inside his mind he still hates her outside.!!! Bitter truth!!!

At the time of Joing College he didn’t have so many friends. But gradually when he came to talk with everyone they liked him because of his frankness . So he got loads of friends in college. But even college friendship has a problem. Soon as you come out of your school, everyone thinks that college is going to be so much fun. They never think that it’s so close to decide your future. They want to enjoy their life, and they do it to the fullest. The one major thing in college is that a guy and a girl became friends just because of some attraction. I will never call it lust, because its not a sexually attraction. It’s a attraction of fantasy. They become friends by texting days and nights and become close very soon. But when they come to know what they are in true the problem starts. This guy was not close with anyone in the start, but when gradually everyone started to fight against their friends they seem the person outside will be a better one, they cant share the closeness they shared with them. But what they usually do is that they share the pain, fights to him to make them feel good. This guy always can judge girls correctly with his past experience, so he never got carried away by their affection. But they were his close friends what ever they do. They had loads of problems which aroused in their 3 years of college life where he came into it and solved it how much ever he can and made their life simple, by making his life complicated, by at the end due to some misinterpretation of girls, which they usually do and cannot be blamed he was thought to be the soul cause of the problems. So they started to stand away from him. Where as other set of girls who know what he was, stood with him and supported him. Where as this guy he avoided everything on the roll and came to a better place..... But still he has his close friends in girls!!
This is not to hurt anyone is person. This is just friction with some real life examples.  Though I never wanted to continue it when I started to write this, for the request of my friend Swathy Rajagopal I have finished it now. Dedicated to all my friends :P


  1. wat s tat pt??? guys judge girls correctly??? nt al d tym.... nd evn girls can do tat :) gud work...!!

  2. Interesting!!
    Keep writing....