Feb 11, 2011


This is all about a play of circumstances in a persons life. I wanted to make it interesting so I choose this different format of writing. I hope you like this...!!!!

Revenge seems to be a harsh word in every ones mind. It is not taken by all it into their brains, but the one who takes it must be the victim of some circumstance.  This path cant be chosen by everyone because it is not a solution, but many discuss and support a revenge will be a perfect answer. So taken that into mind this story is all about the circumstance which made a person take the path of revenge as a part of his normal life.
Taken from a persons Diary notes the story had been reduced from its original.

Three years of college was great, but the problems I faced was more than the enjoyment I had in my college life. It all happened by a girl and a friend of mine who left all his other friends for that girl. I was a normal guy when I entered college, I never wanted to get into any problem. You can also term me as your soft natured friend. I had lots of friends throughout my college, I used to talk with everyone in my college which was my usual character. College life was a living hell but we enjoyed that hell as it was. But we never knew the problems would turn so worse one day. I never knew all this would happen and would make me like this. I could never forget some incidents in my life which is still in my brain covering half part of my brain. It all started worse when Incident number 2 happened which made me change as an animal.

Everyone is this world has two faces, they show the one and only some show the second, those who show it are termed as Psycho's, serial killers, murders and criminals. This second face is showed only when some unusual incident happens in their lifes and make them show their faces. My second face which I never knew I had came into life my this Incident 2.

Incident 2 :

When I was rushing to my class to get My I.D card from that girl who caused lots of problems the day before. I was asked to just say sorry and get my I.D card back from her. I was waiting for her when all my friends were asking me about the problem and were sorry for the incident which has happened. But I was so tensed to answer anyone so I just kept quite while my other friends who were in the Incident 1 was telling others the thing that happened. She entered the room with that friend of her and an dishonest friend of mine who leaded me into this problem. I went near her and asked her about my I.D card. She ordered me to come out and talk with her. I went out and she started to shout at me. I folded my hands first time in my life in front of a girl and patiently listened to her. She shouted that she will file a case against me saying that I  was teasing her which I have never done. I was so much in my fumes but I controlled my self saying Sorry for what I have done and asked her to give me my I.D card. But she turned her face towards that guy and asked him what should be done to me as if I did some thing wrong. Then it was this guys turn, I went near him since he was my friend and pleaded him not to make this one a big issue, I even called him last night to discuss about this and asked him to help me getting out of this issue which he said he will. But this guy all of the sudden gave the I.D card to that girl and asked her to do what ever she wants to do and he wont say a word against that. I was literally taken back. That moment I was already angry on her talking like that, to add more to it this guy told like this. I controlled my self not to hit that girl and was quite. After that she threw the I.D card on my face. Which I must say is the biggest mistake ever done my her in her life which she will repent for the years to come. And that was the moment which made that animal inside me to get up. I was not able to be normal after this which made my life to take a wrong turn. It is only the circumstance that can make a man good or bad, my circumstance were really bad which never allowed me to be good. So I choose this path.

Not only this one incident has made this person a living animal, but I can say that this incident was also a important reason for him taking his revenge. The following is the incident 1 which made him kill all his good attributes and to gave rebirth to the animal inside him.

Incident 1 :

I was happy that today's exam was so easy and what made me even more happy was the fact that there were only 2 more exams left.  As happy as ever I was talking with my friends inside the college when suddenly a car came close to me and asked me to accompany them. I didnt know why they were calling me inside and without giving me time to think they pulled me inside the Car and drived off from the college. After stopping at a dead end of a road they pushed me outside and asked me  "am I a rowdy",? I replied no to them. They didnt allow me to talk a word. They were 4 and I was the only one who was getting hits from them every second. They asked me why did I send the mail to my friend. I told them he only asked like that so only I sent a mail like that. But they were there to hit me so they played nicely with me. At that moment I wanted to kill them all, But I didnt do that, thinking of the life of my sister. I was a soft guy, but they made me to kill my soft nature by myself, and that treatment which I received from them made me forget things. They were politeness, empathy, and fear.

I wanted to know what was in that mail that the guy has mentioned in his notes, but I couldn't find anything of that in those bits. While I am here trying to find the rest of the story in a few days and will keep you posted........


This is just a work of fiction......


  1. aww....!! yu initially make ppl to beliv tis to be a real story... nd finally yu end wit fiction..!!! an oxymoron ..!!!! gud work...! :)

  2. thambi i really liked the style of writing... good welcome change... good presentation... that was the catch of the blog and it rings a bell;);)

  3. i remember tis story well..cant forget this at all.. if i remember abt saran 1st thing flashes in ma mind..gr8..nice one..