May 24, 2010


As the name indicates I am here to talk about a Political issue. Usually everyone thinks that youths are not interested in politics but in today's world many number of Graduates are interested in Politics and they show lots of concern towards it, except from joining in it. I am one among the many who shows their concern towards Politics. But the above mentioned topic has nothing in connection with this post except for the last word COIMBATORE. This sudden thought got into me seeing the things happening in and around Coimbatore and in a selfish reason to discuss some different thing apart from love and friendship in my Blog!!

World Classical Tamil Conference is going to be held in Coimbatore in 2010. When this was confirmed I was so happy and proud because this major event is going to be held in my place.

To say a few words about Coimbatore, its a very beautiful place which has the second sweetest water in this world from the SIRUVANI river. The climate is very mild and soft throughout the year. Coimbatore attracts most of the people because of its climate. Even though my place is well know it is not fully developed. It is the fact that Coimbatore has not been cared by the present political party or the Previous parties. Coimbatore has been developed so much only by its people. The most famous N.M.Mahalingam,G.D Naidu, PSG Gropus, Laxmi Mills and other Business people developed this place of them which no one can deny. With out any Political support Coimbatore was developed well compared to other big cities in Tamil Nadu which made the political parties eye on Coimbatore.

From the day of the announcement of the World Classical Tamil Conference we fond great amount of development in the town. The major roads of the town such as Avinashi Road, Thrichy Road and Mettuplayam Road has been elaborated and constructed in the same time disturbing the people of these places. Six way lanes was introduced in Avinashi Road and was constructed fully and after that they came into a Idea of fixing the electricity lines underground and for this the roads were again demolished and the work is still taking place.

Dozens of new buses were thrown into the city by the government. They decided to make Coimbatore City beautiful introducing many new artificial parks near the signals and making a new pavements for walkers in the corner of the roads. Now Trichy Road work is on the go. A 6 months work will be done in just a months time because of the Conference.

I am happy that my place is developing. But ashamed for the reason behind all this. It is a not a Government who is developing this, it is a political party who is behind all these things. I cant be selfish and shut up my mouth just because of the reason, they are developing my place. If they can make tremendous change within a short period to my place why cant they bring betterment to other places in Tamil Nadu. If only a political party can do these things why cant the Government bring these changes in all parts of India. No one can say it is Impossible, because more or less they have achieved these in a very short time here. If this is possible then it can be possible in any place. Time or money is not a constraint here. I wish they conduct this type of Conference in all places ever year so that those places can also be developed.

You may think why I mentioned this a Political Issue at the start of my Post. This may not be a big issue but there are many Political factors at the back end of this Conference. I want to write in a diplomatic way so I avoided those things in this Forum!!


  1. its not about the conference... and they did not choose coimbatore as the spot in a rush :D have you seen any major take overs recently? jaikrishna mills, brookfields, krishna college... i hear the list is bigger have been taken over by you-know-who-all and they have to develop the city so that they can sell their property at better prices... u get the drift? this place was unaffected by forces until now... but take my word there is going to be drastic change in everything here... i'll blog about it :D

  2. it is a welcome change that you chose a different topic this time round... it is good that the city is being developed but i hate the fact that the trees a being cut by the hundreds... atleast some effort must have been made to plant them somewhere... no wonder coimbatore is becoming unusually hot... you left out sir robert stanes who pioneered the development of cbe.. as for you blog it somehow seems incomplete or rather quite abrupt...

  3. Mmm... evn wen i was thru avinashi road , was astronished by de drastic change der!!!! artificial parks, clean road, new street lights, etc!!! then oly de reason fr al tat!! CONFERENCE came to my mind!!!! i was happy fr tat bt felt little bad tat al those things wr happenin oly fr de sake of conference!!! b4 tat they neither had a spl concern nor eye on cbe's environment!!!! nd in de next 10 min i left tinkin abt it!!!!! bt u r so inovative tat made u to blog tis!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  4. all your thought are just fuking

  5. I was just joking. even I am living in Coimbatore. very very good